Bi Visibility Day events

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UK flag United Kingdom

20 September: Bristol – “Good Bi Summer Fun” BBQ at the Phoenix. [more here]
21 September: Manchester – Coffee & Bi History talk, followed by film [details here]

23 September: Birmingham – bi picnic organised by Brum Bi Group.
23 September: Bolton – Visibility across all ten libraries in the borough [details here]
23 September: Brighton – Bi parades. [Details here]
23 September: Brighton – Ice cream meetup. [Details here]
23 September: Cardiff – radio feature. [Details here]
23 September: Hove – Bi Drinks. [Details here]
23 September: London – Over 50s group outing to Kew Gardens. [Details here].
23 September: Manchester – Bi stall at university [details here] and uni computers turn purple [here]
23 September: Manchester – Getting Bi in 2014 [details here]
23 September: Merthyr Tydfil – Lunchtime celebrations [details here]
23 September: Neath: Police outreach van highlights bi issues [details here]
23 September: Norwich – bi visibility outreach stall at the Catherine Wheel. [details here]
23 September: NottinghamSadly this event has been cancelled
23 September: Southampton – panel discussion at Solent University. [Details here].
23 September: Swansea – student stall [Details here]
23 September: Uxbridge – student stall [Details here]
23 September: non-geographic event! Lloyds Banking group staff teleconference. [Details here].

25 September: London – Social gathering organised by London Bi Meetup. [Details here].
25 September: London – panel discussion “Bi-Visibility to Bi-Inclusion” at Southwark town hall. [Details here].
28 September: Edinburgh – afternoon tea at the Abbeymount Centre. [More info here]



23 September: Melbourne. Bi Alliance Victoria annual Bi Visibility dinner [more info here]


Belgian flagBelgium

20 September: Brussels. Bi Yourself. [More info here.]


Brazil flagBrazil

September 23, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais organized by Rede Afro LGBT Mineira [more info here]

September 28, São Paulo: Bi talk 2pm-6pm at the Centro Cultural da Juventude. [more info here]


Canada flagCanada

21 September: Toronto. Bi Picnic. [More info here.]


Croatia flag Croatia

September 23: Zagreb – “Queer2Queer” bisexuality discussion [More info here]



24 September: Limassol. Radio show. [Info here]



23 September: Copenhagen. [More info here.]



23 September: Paris. Bi Pride. [More info here.]


German flag Germany

20/21 September: Berlin. BarCamp on Bisexuality. [More info here.]


Flag: Iceland Iceland

23 September, Reykjavík – queer archive event [Info here]


Israel flag Israel

23 September: “המעגל הביסקסואלי” (the bisexual circle), Jerusalem. [Info here]

Sadly this event has been cancelled


Italy flagItaly

23 September – Milan – drinks from 6pm, then talks [Info here]
26 September – Verona – ARCI di Verona Lieviti bi group have speeches and food. [Info here]


Flag - Lithuania Lithuania

23 September: Vilnius: celebrate with bis and allies at the LGL centre! [Details here]


Netherlands flagThe Netherlands

28 September: Rotterdam: bi picnic [Details here]


Norway flagNorway

26 September: Oslo: bi cafe [Details here]



23 September: St Petersburg: bi meet [Details here]


Serbia flag Serbia

23 September: Belgrade. Panel debate as part of Pride festival. [Details here]


Spain flag Spain

23 September: Madrid. Dancing, street surveying and more besides. [Details here]


US flag USA

13 September: Yonkers, New York State. Bis roller derby night. [Details here]
21 September: Madison, Wisconsin. Picnic in the Park [Details here]
22 September: Los Angeles. Bisexuality in the Media panel debate. [Details here]
22 September: Washington, DC. Speakers inc Mayor’s Office of GLBT Affairs to present an official city proclamation. [Facebook Event Page]

23 September: Washington, DC. Human Rights Campaign Foundation panel discussion on bisexual youth. [More here]
23 September: Bloomsburg, Penn. Bi workshop at Student Services Center. [Info here]
23 September: Boston – book launch, Recognize: the voices of Bisexual Men. [Info here]
23 September: Chicago – bi panel discussion, Center on Halstead. [Info here]
23 September: Houston – LGBT student awareness stall & quiz, 11:00am – 1:00pm outside btw PGH and Lib
23 September: Los Angeles hosts 5th Bi Arts Fest. [Info here]
23 September: Minneapolis – dine with bis & celebrate bi community work. [Info here]
23 September: San Diego: Bi evening meetup [Info here]
23 September: Winchester, VA: Bi stall at Brandt Student Center. [Info here]

24 September: Columbus, Ohio, open mic / burlesque / spoken word night. [Info here]
25 September: Washington, DC – Bi happy hour. [Info here]
26 September: Boston, Mass. Book launch. [Info here]

4 thoughts on “2014”

  1. The Bisexual Organizing Project in Minnesota is once again hosting Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September 23, 2014. See http://www.bisexualorganizingproject.org/home/celebrate-bisexuality-day-on-september-23-2014 for details. Please list the event in your registry.

    Martha Hardy
    Secretary, Board of Directors, Bisexual Organizing Project

  2. Portland, Oregon
    Bi takeover of barbar @ Mississippi Studios
    Tuesday, September 23
    at 8:45pm
    Mississippi Studios
    3939 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon 97227
    Celebrate Bisexuality Day is on September 23rd, which happens to be the same day as Portland’s monthly bi/pan convo group! This experiment in bi community building happens every 4th Tuesday at Q Center , 7pm, and is open to all ages and identities.

    After the meeting, those of us who are 21+ are mobbing to nearby Mississippi Studios barbar for a bisexual pride takeover!!! 8:45pm-late. Join us for the convo group or meet us after for drinks! You can find us by the pink/purple/blue bi pride flag on the patio.

    Celebrate Bisexuality Day only happens once a year but this is your chance to meet people who celebrate bisexuality year round! If you can’t make it to this event, make sure to listen to Out Loud! On KBOO Community Radio at 6pm that day (9/23) to learn more about the bisexual community and local bi events!


  3. Alexander says:


    I am managing Bi Visibility Day in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
    Event is managed by 2 organizations: “Rainbow Coffee Party” and “LyuBI”.

    We will make a presentation about bisexual celebrities and will run an Electronic Pop concert tomorrow.
    You can see russian page about an event here: https://vk.com/bi_party

    Please, add our event to the list.

    Thank you