Bi Visibility Day events

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Manchester – 23 September 2001: Bi Day event at local L&G centre: videos, speakers, discussion groups, buffet 12-5pm. Organised by BiPhoria.


Canada flag Canada

Toronto has many activities: a Toronto Bisexual Network Meeting with a pre-meeting dinner and post-meeting gathering on Sep 20, a pool night on Sep 21, dancing at Buddies on Sep 22, and a bisexual contingent and community table at the AIDS walk on Sep 23. In Vancouver there will be a wine and cheese party the evening of Sep 23.



22nd September 2001 The Australian Bisexual Network will Celebrate Bisexuality Day on the night of 22nd September 2001 through to the early hours of the 23rd with a Masquerade Party. The event will be held at Options Nightclub, 18 Little Edward Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Entry $5 and prizes for the best mask and outfit will be offered.