Need bisexual information, handouts or literature for Bi Visibility Day?
  Or indeed raising bi awareness at any other time of year.

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Calling journalists!  Background press release for 2018 Bi Visibility Day here.

This Site

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September 23 Background

Wendy Curry on the choosing of the date and name of what started as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day in 1999 [click here]

BiNet USA records a forerunner event in 1990 [click here]

Bi Information & Downloads

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Getting Bi in a Gay / Straight World is a pocket sized booklet about bi life, with theory, history, personal stories and more. New 2017 edition published by BiPhoria in the UK and versions available in English and Spanish
[ click here for issuu version ] [ click here to order print copies or get a pdf version ]

UK Posters by Stonewall (2017) [Download here]


Bi Community News magazine – a glossy bimonthly published since 1995, subscribe to get it through your letterbox and read lots of old articles they have available online [click here]

Bisexual Index has lots of articles explaining bisexuality and bi life [click here]

Bisexual History twitter/facebook recalls bi history dates [click here] around the world


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BiNetUSA have some shocking bi stats collated [ click here ]


Podcasts and the like:

The BiCast do lots of podcasting about bisexuality [ click here ]

Bi Lists:

MyJewishLearning has a page of Jewish bisexuals [ click here ]

AfterEllen shared photos of some of their favourite bi women [ click here ]

Also check our Research page [ click here ]


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