Want to have the facts at your fingertips? We’ve rounded up the best research we can find about bisexual life to help inform your Bi Visibility Day events, blogposts or whatever else you have lined up!

Try these out:

US flagUSA Bisexual Invisibility Report (2011) [ Read it here ]
USA Williams Institute: How many people are bi / LGBT? (2011) [Read here]


UK flagUK Complicated? (2015)  [ Read it here ]
UK The Bisexuality Report (2012) [ Read it here ]
UK Stonewall Bi Health Briefing (2011) [ Read it here ]
UK Bisexual People in the Workplace (2009) [ Read it here ]
UK Bisexual Life (2003) [ Read it here ]


EU flagEU Fundamental Rights Agency LGBT research (2013)
[ Read it here ]




resources_gb Need bisexual information, handouts or literature for Bi Visibility Day? Or indeed raising bi awareness at any other time of year. Try these web resources for a starter… Calling journalists! Background press release for 2018 Bi Visibility Day here.

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September 23 Background

Wendy Curry on the choosing of the date and name of what started as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day in 1999 [click here] BiNet USA records a forerunner event in 1990 [click here]

Bi Information & Downloads

UK flag Getting Bi in a Gay / Straight World is a pocket sized booklet about bi life, with theory, history, personal stories and more. New 2017 edition published by BiPhoria in the UK and versions available in English and Spanish [ click here for issuu version ] [ click here to order print copies or get a pdf version ] UK Posters by Stonewall (2017) [Download here]   Bi Community News magazine – a glossy bimonthly published since 1995, subscribe to get it through your letterbox and read lots of old articles they have available online [click here] Bisexual Index has lots of articles explaining bisexuality and bi life [click here] Bisexual History twitter/facebook recalls bi history dates [click here] around the world   US flag BiNetUSA have some shocking bi stats collated [ click here ]  

Podcasts and the like:

The BiCast do lots of podcasting about bisexuality [ click here ]

Bi Lists:

MyJewishLearning has a page of Jewish bisexuals [ click here ] AfterEllen shared photos of some of their favourite bi women [ click here ] Also check our Research page [ click here ]


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