Want to have the facts at your fingertips?
We’ve rounded up the best research we can find about bisexual life to help inform your Bi Visibility Day events, blogposts or whatever else you have lined up!

Try these out:

US flagUSA Bisexual Invisibility Report (2011) [ Read it here ]
USA Williams Institute: How many people are bi / LGBT? (2011) [Read here]


UK flagUK Complicated? (2015)  [ Read it here ]
UK The Bisexuality Report (2012) [ Read it here ]
UK Stonewall Bi Health Briefing (2011) [ Read it here ]
UK Bisexual People in the Workplace (2009) [ Read it here ]
UK Bisexual Life (2003) [ Read it here ]


EU flagEU Fundamental Rights Agency LGBT research (2013)
[ Read it here ]