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Bi Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, has been marked each year since 1999 to highlight biphobia and to help people find the bisexual community. More information about 2019 events to mark the date will appear below. To submit to these listings please use the form Add Your Event!.   Editors: Hilde Vossen: all countries, and Jen Yockney: UK. World [>], Armenia [>], Australia [>], Austria [>], Belgium [>], Bolivia [>], Brazil [>], Canada [>], Denmark [>], France [>], Germany [>], Guatemala [>], Hongkong [>], Hungary [>], India [>], Ireland [>], Israel [>], Italy [>], Kyrgyzstan [>], Lithuania [>], Mexico [>], Netherlands [>], New Zealand [>], Norway [>], Philippines [>], Poland [>], Russia [>], Serbia [>], Singapore [>], Slovenia [>], Spain [>], South Africa [>], South Korea [>], Sweden [>], Switzerland [>], Taiwan [>], Turkey [>], United Kingdom [>], United States of America [>], Vietnam [>] World Armenia flag Australia flag Austria flag Belgium flag Bolivia flag Brazil flag Canada flag Denmark flag France flag Germany flag Guatemala flag Hongkong flag Hungary flag India flag Ireland flag Israel flag Italy flag Kyrgyzstan flag Lithuania flag Mexico flag Netherlands flag New Zealand flag Norway flag Philippines flag Poland flag Russia flag Serbia flag Singapore flag Slovenia flag Spain flag South Africa flag South Korea flag Sweden flag Switzerland flag Taiwan flag Turkey flag UK flag USA flag Vietnam flag   We’ve listed everything we’ve got so far. We would love to add more flags to this list. So please, tell us about any we’re missing. We also take events from the past years!     Bi Pride FlagWorld Sunday September 22
  • World. ?Live: Q&A about bisexuality. In Farsi. Join Dojensgara, the first Persian website on bisexuality, at 9pm (Tehran time/UTC+03:30) on Instagram live. To the Instagram post.
Monday September 23   Armenia
  • Yerevan. To celebrate Bi Visibility Day, Pink Armenia held a co-cooking session with bi+ people and their allies. They ate a very tasty vegan cake and discussed bi experiences, challenges and solutions.
  Australia flagAustralia Monday September 9
  • Melbourne. Triple Bi-Pass, a weekly radioshow with a focus on bisexuality, highlights the upcoming Big Bi+ Bonanza, one of the largest Bi Visibility Day celebrations ever in the country. To the podcast.
Sunday September 22
  • Melbourne. Big Bi+ Bonanza: a Bi+ Visibility festival. Visual and performance art, music, panels and market. 12:00-21:00 at Kensington Town Hall, 30-34 Bellair St. To the Facebook event.
  • Perth. Bi+ Visibility Day Picnic with eats & drinks, and silly games. Awesome if you could come dressed in purple/pink/blue, but no pressure! 12:00-14:00 at Russell Square, James St. To the Facebook event.
  • Sydney. BiLines, a storytelling event followed by a panel discussion on Bi+ people and health (physical and mental), inclusion, and visibility. 14:00-16:00 at Redfern Town Hall, 73 Pitt St. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Canberra. Bi+ members of the LGBT+ Social Canberra hold a Cheers at the pub: come to the pub for a friendly drink near the rainbow roundabout! 6pm at Assembly, 11 Lonsdale St. To the Facebook group.
  • Melbourne. Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Come and join the Bisexual Alliance Victoria for food, drinks, music, and good company. 7-10pm at 100 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053. To the Facebook event.
Friday September 27
  • Sydney. Biconic Class of 20BiTeen. Get ready for some jaw-dropping entertainment. 9pm at The Red Rattler Theatre, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville NSW 2204. To the Facebook event.
  Austria flagAustria Friday September 27
  • Vienna. Bisexual Visibility Day Party 2019. There’s going to be good music -with a focus on bisexual artists-, bad puns and cool people ?. 19:00 at Villa Vida Café, Linke Wienzeile 102. To the Facebook event.
  Belgium flagBelgium Saturday September 21
  • Gent. B Curious. Workshops, performances, games, debates. Be Visible Be Yourself Be Inspired. 9:30-18:30 at De Zebrastraat, Zebrastraat 32. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Brussels. Evening for Bi+ people, to redo the world or just chill with a cocktail tricolor. Learn more about Maïlys bi/pan photoproject. 18:30 at RainbowHouse, Rue du Marché au Charbon 42. To the Facebook event
  • Gent. The invisibility of bisexuality, opinion for Bi Visibility Day in ZiZo magazine. Read the article! (Flemish.)
  Bolivia flagBolivia Monday September 23
  • Santa Cruz. The annual Bi Visibility Day Party! For bisexual and pansexual people, and everyone who supports the cause. 19:00-23:00 at Avenida Tomas de Lezo 103. To the Facebook post.
  Brazil flagBrazil Thursday September 5
  • Brasília. BiqueNique. Come, bring your pillows, snacks and lots of love to share! 17:00-20:00 on the lawn of the UnB Campus Darcy Ribeiro (Asa norte), behind ICC Sul, near the Beijódromo. To the Facebook event.
Thursday September 12
  • Brasília. An evening about Bisexual masculinities. How does bisexuality intersect with masculinity and other social markers? 18:00-20:00 at Ceubinho, ICC Norte UnB, Campus Darcy Ribeiro. To the Facebook event.
Wednesday September 18
  • Brasilia. Conversation wheel about Experiences Trans Bi. 12:00 at University of Brasilia, Lawn near the Rectory – UnB – Darcy Ribeiro Campus. To the Facebook post.
  • Brasilia. Video presentation about the History and Memory of Bisexuality, followed by discussion. 18:00 at University of Brasilia, Faculdade de Comunicação – UnB Sala: 09. To the Facebook post.
Saturday September 21
  • Belo Horizonte. 2ª Festa da Visi-BI-lidade. Bi, Pan, and free minds: come and celebrate Bi Visibility Day! With a artistic presentations, DJs, and much more! 15:00 at Bar Yanã, Rua Niquelina, 765. To the Facebook event.
  • São Paulo. Poetic Performance ‘What is being bisexual?’ 16:00-17:00 at Museu da Diversidade Sexual, Rua do Arouche, 24 – Estação República do Metrô (Piso Mezanino). To the Facebook event.
Sunday September 22
  • Porto Algre. Chat: The Ideal Bisexual, is there such a thing? Followed by a performance, happy hour and a party. 17:00 at Porto Carioca bar, Rua da República, 188 – Cidade Baixa. To the Facebook event.
  • São Paulo. Bisexuality Talk Wheel. Tell your experiences and formulate your needs. 14:00-17:00 at Galpão Casa 1, Rua Adoniran Barbosa, 151. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23 – Friday September 27
  • Assis. Bi Visibility Week on the Assis Campus. Unesp Assis, Av. Dom Antonio, 2100. To the Facebook event.
  • Brasil. Social media campaign. To increase Bi+ visibility Bissexuais BR presents 30 Bi+ people from Brasil. Every day they post 1 new picture and interview. Admire them on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.
  Canada flagCanada September 19-23
  • Toronto. Art Exhibit (Bi Arts Festival). Diverse arts at the largest bisexual cultural festival in the world. At the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook events.
Wednesday September 11
  • Toronto. Storytelling 101 (Bi Arts Festival). Craft a story you love to tell from your own personal experience. 7-9:15pm at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
Sunday September 15
  • Toronto. Love Letters To Baby Bi’s (Bi Arts Festival). Introduction to DIY filmmaking and creative forms of storytelling. 14:00-17:00 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
Tuesday September 17
  • Toronto. Six people spoke to Xtra about coming out as bisexual, and the biphobia and bi-erasure they have experienced. English spoken with automatic subtitles in your language of choice. Watch the video!
Wednesday September 18
  • Calgary. Possibilities, a Calgary based Bi+ group, gets ready for Bi Visibility! Come talk about what it means to be visible and how we navigate this visibility. 18:30 at Loft 112, 535 8 Avenue SE. To the Facebook event.
Thursday September 19
  • Toronto. Shapeshifters. Opening reception of this exhibition. Shapeshifters centres the work of two-spirit artists in context with queerness. 6-9pm at Beaver Hall Gallery, 29 McCaul Street. To the Facebook event.
Friday September 20
  • Toronto. Zine launch (Bi Arts Festival). An evening of readings from the 3rd annual issue of CRUSH. 19:00-21:00 at Beaver Hall Gallery, 29 McCaul Street. To the Facebook event.
Saturday September 21
  • Toronto. Art & Craft Fair (Bi Arts Festival). All things handmade by Bi+ artists and craftspeople. 11:00-16:00 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Collaging the Tarot (Bi Arts Festival), a selfcare workshop. Make your collage inspired by tarot. 11:00-12:30 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Speed friending (Bi Arts Festival). Do you want to meet other Bi+ folks for friendship & networking? Join this fun workshop! 11:00-12:30 at 562 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Raise Your Joyful Voice (Bi Arts Festival). It can be powerful to raise our bi+ voices together in song. Fun workshop. Beginners welcome. 13:00-14:30 at 562 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Human Library (Bi Arts Festival). Not a book, but a real person for a one-to-one conversation. 13:00-14:30 at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Author Showcase (Bi Arts Festival). Featuring six authors of diverse (queer) books. 14:00-16:00 at Glad Day Bookshop, 499 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Dirty Dancing (Bi Arts Festival). Flirt on the dance floor using your sexy dance moves! Beginners welcome. 15:00-16:30 at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Labels: Your Name En-Lights (Bi Arts Festival). Talk about your experiences with labels and craft them! 15:00-16:30 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Bodies in Resistance (Bi Arts Festival). Lived experiences of bi+ artists at multiple intersections. 19:00-20:30 at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. To the Facebook event.
Sunday September 22
  • Toronto. Creative Nurturance for Queers (Bi Arts Festival). Skill-building and self-care workshop. 11:30-13:30 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Autumn Equinox Gathering (Bi Arts Festival). Harvest and Balance: A sharing circle for the Autumn Equinox. 13:00-14:30 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Storytelling Open Mic (Bi Arts Festival). Everyone has a story to tell! Beginners welcome. 13:00-14:30 at the Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Intro to Burlesque (Bi Arts Festival). Learn basic burlesque choreography in a fun environment. 15:00-16:30 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Make Something! Use creative materials provided and create anything you want. Event for non-binary folks only. 15:00-16:30 at the Community Center, 519 Church Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Men’s Showcase (Bi Arts Festival). Voices of bi, pan and 2spirit men, through poetry, film, song, and more. 15:00-16:30 at the Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Cabaret (Bi Arts Festival). With comediens, burlesquers, genderbenders, artists, writers, poets & pretenders. 20:00 at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Barrie. Join the information booth with free Bisexual Visibility Day buttons, pamphlets on health, and cards about bisexuality. 10:00-14:00 at Georgian College, 1 Georgian Drive. To the Facebook event.
  • Montréal. Bi Montreal Meetup. Lets have a beer and play some pool and arcades. 19:00 at Forum Sports Bar & GamesCentre, 2313 Rue Sainte-Catherine. To the Facebook event.
  • Toronto. Bi Visibility Day Drop-In (Bi Arts Festival). Drop-in, listen to music, enjoy coffee, tea and free food. Come and go as you like. 14:00-20:00 at Beaver Hall Gallery, 29 McCaul Street. To the Facebook event.
  Denmark flagDenmark Monday September 23
  • Copenhagen. Bi+ politics in focus! What are Bi+ people fighting for? Panel followed by a workshop. 19:00-21:00 at LGBT Danmark, Vestergade 18E. To the Facebook event.
Saturday September 28
  • Viborg. Bi+ Visibility March through the city, followed by a celebration at Viborg Tværpolitisk Ungdomshus. Gather at 12:00 on the Domkirkepladsen. To the Facebook event.
  France flagFrance Sunday September 22
  • Paris. Bi Visibility Day March. Walk with the words Bi, Pan: visible, proud, determined! Gather from 14:00, march starts at 15:00 from Place du Colonel Fabien & arrives near Centre Pompidou. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Arras.. Artogalion, the LGBTQI+ Centre of Arras, invites you to their debate on bisexuality and pansexuality. 18:30-20:00 at Rat perché cafe, place du Théâtre. To the event page.
  • Paris.. Bi Visibility Day and prevention. A team from AIDES Paris will promote prevention against HIV and STDs, especially for bisexual men, and men having sex with men. 17:00-20:00 around Place Pigalle.
  • Paris. Round table about bisexuality and pansexuality, followed by conviviality, sharing food and drinks that people brought. 20:00-23:00 at Centre LGBT Paris-ÎdF, 63 rue Beaubourg. To the Facebook event.
  • Toulouse.. Bi-Visible hosts a permanence placed under the sign of Bi Visibility Day. 18:00-20:00 at Espace diversités laïcité, 38 rue d’Aubusson. To the event page.
  German flagGermany Saturday September 21
  • Berlin. BiBerlin Camp 2019, followed by a party in the evening. Workshops and talks about Bi-, Pan- and Polysexuality ?. 10:30-17:00 at Sonntagsclub, Greifenhagener Str. 28. To the Facebook page.
Monday September 23
  • Berlin. ‘Bisexuals are often ignored or forgotten in society.’ For Bi Visibility Day Siegessäule, queer magazine for Berlin, published an interview with Maddie from the association BiBerlin e.V.. Read the article!
  • Berlin. ‘How bisexual are you?’ For Bi Visibility Day QueerBlick, a media channel for LGBT+ youth, interviewed people on Berlin Alexanderplatz about (their) bisexuality. Watch the video!
  • Mannheim. Bi+ Empowerment Workshop. Share your Bi+ experiences with other attendees who also love more than one gender. 18:00-21:00 at PLUS, Max-Joseph-Straße 1. To the Facebook page.
  Guatemala flag Guatemala Saturday September 21
  • Guatemala City. Bi Guate invites you to their first talk about the Bisexual movement in Guatemala. 15:30 at Casa de la Cultura, 3a. Av. Y 8a. Calle, Zona 1. To the flyer on Facebook.
  • Guatemala City. Bi-Color Mask Party. Who will win the best mask award? 19:00-01:00 at Casa de la Cultura, 8VA. Calle 3-09, Zona 1. To the flyer on Facebook.
  Hongkong flag Hongkong Saturday September 28
  • Hongkong. Diner in restaurant: share your story and meet other bisexual people, their partner(s) and friends. More information about time and venue, please contact Love Unbounded via their Facebook page.
  Hungary flagHungary Saturday September 28
  • Budapest. Informal meeting in a cosy café for Bi+ people. 14:00-18:00 at Jelen Bisztró, Blaha Lujza tér 1-2. To the Facebook event.
  India flagIndia Sunday September 22
  • Delhi. Bi Collective Delhi meetup on creative expression. Bring your artwork, poems, etc. More details to come. Follow the Facebook page for updates!
  Ireland flagIreland Saturday September 21
  • Dublin. Bi+ Ireland does a spot of fundraising at the show of the sensational drag entity Avoca Reaction, while ringing in Bi+ Visibility day with them! To the Facebook message and event.
Monday September 23
  • Cork. Cork Bi Brunch for Bi Vis Day. Calling all Cork Bi’s! Join for a lovely brunch to celebrate Bi+ Visibility Day! 12:30-15:00 at The Old Town Whiskey Bar at Bodega, Cornmarket Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Dublin. Dublin Bi+ Vis Meet Up – Chats. Jump into the week ahead with a gentle splash of community. 6-9pm at The Generator Hostel, Smithfield Square. To the Facebook event.
  Israel flagIsrael Monday September 23
  • Tel Aviv. ?Live: the LGBTQ Center holds a Q&A about bi, pan and poly issues with their activity coordinator and contactperson for the men’s group. Starts 18:00. Join and ask your questions! To the Facebook post.
Thursday September 26
  • Tel Aviv. BiSi Visibility Day Party, colourful and sparkling! DJs and special performances. 23:00 at The OzenBar, 48 King George Street, Tel Aviv. To the Facebook event.
  Italy flagItaly Wednesday September 11
  • Lucca. Come and join the sharing circle ‘Let’s talk about Bisexuality’. September topic: Bi+ Visibility. 21:00-23:00, Cantiere Giovani, Via del Brennero 673. To the Facebook event.
Wednesday September 18
  • Verbania. #PiùDiDue – Workshop on the many aspects of bisexuality and polyamory. 18:30, Arcigay Nuovi Colori, Via Vittorio Veneto 135.
Friday September 20
  • Livorna. Arcigay Livorno runs info stand to give voice to requests for recognition, inclusion and dignity of people attracted to multiple genres. With music gig! 15:30-17:30 at Piazza Grande. To the Facebook event.
  • Lucca. Bi+ socializing aperitif. If you like, bring an object that can increase visibility of (your) non-monosexual orientations. 18:30-20:00 at Undici Undici, Piazza Antelminelli, 2. To the Facebook event.
  • Milan. #PiùDiDue – More colors in the Rainbow Universe. Workshop on the many aspects of bisexuality and pansexuality. 21:00 at Circolo Culturale tbigl+ Rizzo Lari, Via Soperga 36. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Napels. Caffebbì – Bisexual Visibility Day Edition. Let’s meet, talk, and confront each other. 17:00 at Piazza Bellini, Piazza Vincenzo Bellini. To the Facebook event.
  • Rome. ArciGay screens the television series The Bisexual (Desiree Akhavan, UK, 2018). 19:00-21:00 at Gay Center, via Nicola Zabaglia 14. To the Facebook event.
Thursday September 26
  • Lucca. LuccAut Bi+ board games with Bivial Pursuit, B-links, TaBi, Bi-ngo… With infotainment about bisexuality and non binarism. 21:00-23:30 at Cantiere Giovani, Via del Brennero 673. To the Facebook event.
Friday September 27
  • Napels. Youth Group holds an awareness-raising meeting on issues related to bisexuality and non-monosexual orientations. 17:30 at Arcigay Napoli, Vico San Geronimo 17. To the Facebook event.
Sunday September 29
  • Rome. Bisesso: National Convention with academics & activists, on the intersection between bisexuality and gender, immigration, health & history. 14:00 at Caffè Letterario, Via Ostiense 95. To the Facebook event.
  Kyrgyzstan flagKyrgyzstan Monday September 23
  • Bishkek. For the third year the bi community in Bishkek celebrates Bi Visibility Day. For more information contact them via the Facebook event.
  Lithuania flagLithuania Saturday September 21
  • Vilnius. BisexualiTea and Pancakes. Have a cup of warm bisexualiTea and gather for a friendly conversation. Pancakes will be involved too. 15:00-18:00 at Pirmas Blynas, Konstitucijos pr. 12A. To the Facebook group.
  Mexico flagMexico Friday September 20
  • Mexico City. Educational video launched about bisexuality, pansexuality and polisexuality. Spanish spoken with automatic subtitles in your language of choice. Watch the video!
Saturday September 21
  • Guadalajara. Conversation: Being bisexual in Guadalajara. Bi+ people share life experiences around a socially invisible sexual orientation. 17:00-19:00 at Calle Penitenciaría 180, Col Americana. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Mexico City. Launch of ‘Las bisexualidades’, a video about being bi in Mexico (City), and how the Bi+ community there improved their lives. Spanish spoken with English subtitles. Watch the video!
  Netherlands flagNetherlands Sunday September 22
  • Nijmegen. Workshop Bisexuality for Beginners. Share experiences, learn more about being bi, and make new friends! 14:00-17:00 at Roze Huis, St Anthoniusplaats 1. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Amsterdam. Bi+ Nederland is a brand new organisation for people under the bi+ umbrella. What are they going to do? Take a look on their website, follow them on the Facebook page and join their Facebook group.
  New Zealand flagNew Zealand Friday September 18
  • Auckland. Rainbow Youth launched a video about the history of bisexuality. From sexual fluidity as a natural part of human diversity, to takatāpui, homosexuality, bisexuality and beyond. Watch the video on YouTube.
Monday September 23
  • Wellington. Picnic to Celebrate Bi Visibility Day. All bi friendly people welcome. Look for the Bi Pride flags! 12:00-14:00 at Parliament lawn, 1 Molesworth Street. To the Facebook event.
September   Norway flagNorway Sunday September 8
  • Trondheim. VisiBle Trondheim meeting with Bi+ and Pan terminology for your Pride toolbox, followed by pizza, cake, and board games. 16:00-20:00 at Olavshallen, Kjøpmannsgata 44. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Oslo. Cafe Meeting. Join VisiBle’s informal gathering for a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa. You’ll recognise them by the small Bi+, pan and poly flags. 16:00-23:00 at Fuglen, Universitetsgata 2. To the Facebook event.
  • Oslo. Special Film Night: The Bisexual (Desiree Akhavan, UK, 2018). English spoken, no subtitles. Episode 1-3 starts at 20:00 and episode 4-6 at 22:00 at Cinemateket, Dronningens gate 16. To the film event.
  Philippines   Saturday September 21
  • Manilla. 1st ever Bi+ Conference in this country. Keynotes, research presentations, break-out sessions. Lots of BiPride in videos and flags! 13:00-18:00 at Quezon City Hall (tentative). To the Facebook event.
  Poland Thursday September 26
  • Warsaw. The Bi+ Group from Lambda Warzawa holds a BI~ngo Party. By buying a drink at the bar you get three playing cards. Lots of fun! 20:00-23:00 at at Pogłos, Burakowska 12. To the Facebook event
  Russia flagRussia Tuesday September 17
  • Saint Petersburg. Bi+ panel. People with diverse experiences and from different cities share their stories & answer questions. 19.00 at Rainbow Coffee House, 24 Borovaya Street. To the Facebook group.
Sunday September 22
  • Krasnodar. LGBT Reverse and Power of Equality gather to learn about famous bi people, their experiences and coming-out. Plus an exhibition of personal bi+ stories. Starts at 15:00. Posts on Facebook and vk.
  • Rostov-on-Don. Join Queer Culture‘s chat about, amongst others, personal bi experiences and bi erasure. 14.00 at a venue of which the address won’t be published because of security issues. To the vk event.
Monday September 23
  • Moscow. The bi-pan group Be Bi urges everyone who feels ready for this to share their bi+ stories on social media under the hashtag #ByBi or in any other way to express themselves! Find the call here.
  • Saint Petersburg. ‘People are complicated.’ For Bi Visibility Day Nuntiare, that unites LGBT believers, interviewed the researcher and teacher Carol Shepherd, openly bi and Christian. Read the article!
Tuesday September 24
  • Moscow. Opening of an exhibition about non gay people, curated by the bi-pan group Be Bi. Get acquainted with their bi+ stories! Followed by an informal get together. 19:00 at MCC. To the vk event.
  Serbia September
  • Belgrade. Bi Visibility Day discussion about the (in)visibility of Bi+ people in the community. Join this sharing circle! 18:00-20:00 at Prajd Info Centar, Kralja Milana 20. To the Facebook event.
  Singapore Saturday September 21
  • Singapore. The Bi+ Collective Singapore holds a Bi Visibility Day social at a cafe. Veg friendly food is provided. 14:00-18:00, registration required. Address will be sent to attendees. To the Facebook event.
  Slovenia flagSlovenia Monday September 16
  • Ljubljana. Round table discussion about the first research on bisexual mental health in Slovenia and the unique challenges that bisexuals face. 18:00, Pritličje, Mestni trg 2. To the Facebook event.
Wednesday September 18
  • Ljubljana. Trans meet up around the topic of bisexuality and the intersection of bisexuality and transgender issues. 19:00 at Legebitra, Trubarjeva 75a. To the Facebook event.
Thursday September 19 Saturday September 21
  • Ljubljana. Bisexual Party, a space where you’re all bi enough! With a bisexual quiz, stand up comedy, a concert and DJs. 21:00-5:00 at Klub Monokel, Masarykova 24. To the Facebook event.
Sunday September 22
  • Ljubljana. Solidarity Brunch for Bisexual Women and Lesbians. Join, hang out and build a community. 12:00-16:00 at Eksperimentalni prostor Teren, Masarykova cesta. To the Facebook event
Thursday September 26
  • Ljubljana. Lezbofé: LesBIhonest and talk! Discussion about bisexuality and bisexuals’ inclusion within the LGBTQIA+ community. 17:00-20:00 at Društvo DIH, Slomškova ulica 25. To the Facebook event
  South Africa flagSouth Africa Saturday September 28   South Korea flagSouth Korea September 11 – October 14
  • Seoul. Nonmono Planet holds a crowdfunding action this Bi Visibility Month, to buy Bi, pan and poly pride goodies to show off with! ???. Would you like to donate? To the crowdfunding page.
  Spain flagSpain Monday September 9
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Launch of Biyar, the brand new bisexual group of Colectivo Gamá LGTB. 18.00-21:00 at Colectivo Gamá LGTB, Paseo de Tomás Morales, 8. To the Facebook event.
Tuesday September 10
  • Madrid. Talk: The recognition of bisexuality: the history of the bisexual movement in Spain. 18.30 at Biblioteca Pública Municipal Vargas Llosa, Calle Barceló, 4. To the flyer.
Saturday September 21
  • Madrid. Biphobia: origins and consequences. Event for youngsters up to 30 years. 19:00 at Centro Asociativo Pedro Zerolo, Calle de la Puebla. To the website of GLTB Jóvenes de Cogam.
  • Tenerife. A fun night of LGBTI-themed role-playing games and conviviality. 18:00 at Local de Algarabía, Calle Heliodoro Rodríguez González nº10 local izquierdo. To the Facebook message.
Sunday September 22
  • Madrid. Vermú bisexual – bi support party: vegan tapas food, drinks at popular prices, music and good vibes. Everyone is invited! 13:30-20:00 at CSO La Ingobernable, Calle Gobernador 39. To the Facebook event.
  • Madrid. Theatre play *Bi!*. A comedy about the sexual awakening of Leo, a bisexual man. Followed by a discussion with the crew. 19:30 at Centro Asociativo Pedro Zerolo, Calle de la Puebla, 9. To the website.
  • Puerto de la Cruz. Ciné-forum presentation The war of frontiers: plurisexual identities. 18:00-20:00 at Asociación LGBTI Diversas, Calle de la Verdad, 19. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Castelló de la Plana. Lecture: Deconstructing Monosexism. 19:00 at Llotja del Cànem. To the Facebook post.
  • Madrid. Bi Visibility Day Street Event. Music, speakers and #BiPride! 19:00 at Plaza del Callao/Callao Square. To the website.
  • Puerto de la Cruz. Raising the BiPride flag and reading the Bi+ manifesto. 12:00 at Ayuntamiento de la Villa de La Orotava, Plaza del Ayuntamiento de La Orotava. To the Facebook post.
  • Valencia. Dynamic workshop on Sexual Health of bisexual, pansexual and polisexual people. You’re welcome to participate! 19:00 at Lambda Valencia, Carrer de la República Argentina, 22. To the web page.
  • Valencia. Lambda Valencia launches the Bi Visibility Day campaign “Continuem trencant BiMites” (“We continue breaking BiMites”) on their website and social networks #SócBisexualSócBisible. More information.
Tuesday September 24
  • Almassora. Screenings of films with a Bi+ character. This evening: Bohemian Rhapsody. 19:00 at Casa de la Cultura, Carrer Sant Lluc, 2. To the Twitter post.
Wednesday September 25
  • Castelló de la Plana. Screenings of films with a Bi+ character. This evening: Kinsey. 19:00 at Llotja del Cànem, Carrer Cavallers, 1. To the Twitter post.
Thursday September 26
  • Vinaròs. Screenings of films with a Bi+ character. This evening: Dolor y Gloria. 18:30 at Salon Actos Biblioteca Municipal, Carrer de la Mare de Déu del Pilar, 26. To the Twitter post.
Friday September 27
  • Madrid. Free screening of Mario, Kike and David, a short film about bisexuality. 17:00 at Casino de la Reina, Calle Casino 3. To the web page.
  • Barcelona. Bi-Barcelona/Barcelona Bisexuals hold a meetup about Bi Invisibility or bierasure. Starts at 19:00, address available for members of the Meetup group.
Saturday September 28
  • Guardamar del Segura, Alicante. Bisexual Revolt. Cnt-Ait SOV Vega Baixa holds a ralley in the streets focussed on equal rights. 19:00-22:00 at Avenida de los Pinos. To the Facebook event.
  Sweden flagSweden Monday September 23
  • Göteborg. Have a fika, or in other words: a relaxing coffee and cake break, with (new) Bi+ friends at 18:00 at Condeco, Västra Hamngatan 16. To the Facebook group.
  • Uppsala. A guided tour in Swedish at 100% Fight, an exhibition about human rights. Focus on bisexuality and lgBtq history. Starts 18:00 at Upplandsmuseet, S:t Eriks torg 10. To the Facebook event.
Sunday September 29
  • Stockholm. Bisexual Visibility Party! Starts 19:00 with a mingle at The Secret Garden, Kornhamnstorg 59. At 00:00 party and dance at Patricia Nightclub, Kajplats 19, Söder Mälarstrand. To the Facebook event.
  Switzerland We haven’t had any listings yet.     Taiwan flagTaiwan Saturday September 21
  • Bi the Way celebrates Bi Visibility Day with a series of Bi+ events in several cities in Taiwan, including public speeches of bi, pan and asexuality! Today there are meetups in Hsinchu & Taichung. To the Facebook post.
Saturday September 28   Turkey flagTurkey Saturday September 21
  • Izmir. Bi+ Forum day 1. Presentations and workshops on bisexuality, bi+ activism, combating bi+ phobia. At Genç LGBTİ Derneği İzmir, Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, No: 151, Daire 8. To the Facebook event.
  • Izmir.Bi+ Party. The event is open to everyone over the age of 18. 21:30 at Saloon Kasaba Alsancak. To the Facebook post.
Sunday September 22
  • Izmir. Bi+ Forum day 2. Presentations and workshops on bisexuality, bi+ activism, combating bi+ phobia. At Genç LGBTİ Derneği İzmir, Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, No: 151, Daire 8. To the Facebook event.
Thursday September 26
  • Izmir. Bi+ workshop to talk about Bi+ concepts, Bi+ invisibility, monosexism and biphobia. 19:00 at Genç LGBTİ Derneği İzmir, Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, No: 151, Daire 8. To the Facebook event.
  UK flagUnited Kingdom Saturday September 7
  • London. UK’s first EVER full Bisexual Pride event. 2:00-22:00pm at The Round Chapel, Hackney. Free entrance! More information.
  • London. BiCHE, a bisexual+ dance party with a focus on intersectionality and accessibility. 7:00pm-1:00am at The Apple ? Tree, Farringdon. More information and tickets.
Wednesday September 11
  • London. Bi drop-in, informal chat for bi and LGBT+ people. 2-4pm, Camden Forum+, Union Chapel, Compton Terrace.
Sunday September 15
  • Manchester. Pre- Bi Visibility Day coffee meet. 1pm, The Vienna Coffee House, 74 Mosley Street. To the Facebook event.
Tuesday September 17 Thursday September 19
  • London. Ernst and Young Unity are working with Barclays Spectrum and many other corporations’ LGBT+ groups to ensure they all have bi representation. 6-9pm, for employees only. To the Meetup-event.
  • Manchester. Bi stall. 2pm in Northern Quarter at Frog & Bucket, 102 Oldham St.
Friday September 20
  • Birmingham. Bi boardgames night. 6:30 to 8:30pm at LGBT Centre, 38 Holloway Circus. To the meetup page.
  • Leeds. Bi+ Voices event to showcase bi+ performers. Poetry, spoken word, stand up and more. 6:30-8:30pm at Malmaison, 1 Swinegate. To the Facebook page.
Saturday September 21
  • Aberdare. Talk: How to count Bisexuals. How is data about Bi+ people collected and shared? Followed by tea and coffee. 12-2pm at Cynon Valey museum, Depot Road. To the facebook event.
  • Birmingham. Pub crawl with local bi group. Meet 7.30pm at the Fox. To the Meetup-event.
  • London. Roundtable and Networking Event for Bi+ Groups in London. 2-6pm at Bankside Community Space, 18 Great Guildford St. To the event page.
  • Swansea. Fundraising alternative music gig. 6.30pm at Creature Sound, 1 Bethesda Street. To the web page or the Facebook event.
Sunday September 22
  • Bolton. Bi street stall organised by BiPhoria near Town Hall.
  • Glasgow. Film screening followed by the panel discussion Glam Idols: Making Bi Mainstream. 1:15pm at Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street. Buy tickets.
  • Glasgow. Monstrous Regiment Publishing holds book readings from their bi anthologies The Bi-ble volume 1 + 2, and a wee panel too! 6pm at Category Is Books, 34 Allison St. To the Instagram post.
  • London. CaBiRet. A celebration of the talent of our Bisexual+ community with songs, comedy, music, poetry, magic and more! Show starts at 7pm in The Cavendish Arms, 128 Hartington Rd. To the Facebook event.
Monday September 23
  • Birmingham. There will be a symphony of colour on campus while lighting up the Bramall to celebrate Bi Visibility Day. At dusk at the Bramall Music Building of The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston.
  • Bolton. Museum flies the bi flag from the building; Central Library has display of bi flags and resources.
  • Cambridge. Bi Pizza meet. Further details coming soon.
  • Edinburgh. The BiPride Flag waves on top of the City Chambers of the City of Edinburgh Council. The whole day long! To the Twitter post with pictures!
  • London. London Bi Pandas: Vigil to stand together against harm, violence and abuse caused by bi erasure and the deportation of Bi+ people. 7:30-9pm at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. To the Facebook event.
  • London. Over 50s bi group trip to Gays The Word bookshop followed by discussion to talk about bi books. 6pm at Tavis House, Tavistock Sq. To the Meetup event.
  • Manchester. GM Fire service staff bi awareness event. Lunchtime; details coming soon.
  • Manchester. BiCurious? 7-9pm at LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond St, organised by BiPhoria.
  • Manchester. University flies the bi flag and screens in main building will carry information about bisexuality and biphobia.
  • Manchester. Biconic – Bi+ performance event. Join us for spoken word from North West’s finest bi and pan identifying poets and writers! 7pm-1am at The Font, 7-9 New Wakefield St. To the Facebook event
  • Norwich. Bi BBQ by the LGBTQ+ Project Norfolk and Waveney Mind. Booking is essential, so they can order (dietary) food. RSVP via [email protected] 6-9pm at at The Castle Bar, 1 Spitalfields.
  • Oxford. Bi awareness talk at Oxfordshire County Council offices with council and fire service.
  • Salford. Town hall flies the bi flag for the day.
  • Sheffield. Bi social meetup. 6pm at Bungalows & Bears, Division Street. Look for table with a toy bison on it to find people. To the Facebook event.
  • Sheffield. Daytime stall at University Student Union Activities Zone, run by LGBT+ staff network.
  • Southampton. Bi pub quiz at the London, 7pm for 7.30pm start, organised by BiPanic.
  • Stockport. Town hall lit up in pink, purple and blue for the night.
  • Winsford. Bi flag raised at Cheshire Police HQ and lunch-and-learn event with LGBT Staff Network and BiPhoria. 12 noon.
  • Winsford. Bi flag flown at Cheshire Fire Service HQ.
Tuesday September 24
  • Londen. BiHack. A Bi+ hackathon! Use your creative and tech computer skills to help the bi community progress faster. 18:00-21:30 at Makers, 50-52 Commercial Street. To the Facebook and Meetup event.
  • Manchester. Bi At Work panel discussion with speakers from BiPhoria and Manchester City Council. 6pm at Eversheds Sutherland, joint event with Barclays bank staff network – tickets only.
Wednesday September 25
  • Bristol. Panel discussion with PROUDBristol at RPC from 5.30pm. Pizza and socialising afterwards. To the eventbrite page.
  • London. Unmasking the Bisexual Identity: Fact vs. Fiction. Panel discussion. 18:30 at Allen & Overy LLP, One Bishops Square. To the free tickets.
Thursday September 26
  • London. London Bisexuals Meetup pub social. 7pm at The Village – upstairs lounge, 81 Wardour street. To the Meetup event.
Friday September 27
  • Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Bisexual Awareness Session for members of staff at NEAS by a Senior Lecturer of Sociology. 13:00 at North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust Headquarters.
Saturday September 28
  • Edinburgh. BiTastic, sessions on activism, sex and relationships, mental health, the needs of disabled and minority ethnic bi+ people, and more! 9:30-17:30 at Norton Park Conference Centre. To the website.
  USA flagUSA   Wednesday September 11
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee Bi Happy Hour – Bi Visibility Month Edition! 5-7pm at Binary, 9105 W. Lincoln Ave., West Allis. To the Facebook event.
Saturday September 14
  • Los Angeles, California. Unicorn pARTy ?. a 21+ evening of art, dance, music and revelry celebrating love for more than one gender. 5pm at Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd. To the Facebook event.
  • Oakland, California. Bi/Pansexual Peer Group. 15:00-16:30 at Oakland LGBTQ Community Centre, 3207 Lakeshore Ave. To the Facebook event.
Tuesday September 17
  • New Haven, Connecticut. Getting Bi workshop & discussion with guest speaker Robyn Ochs. Start 17:30 at New Haven Pride Center, 84 Orange Street. More about the programme and registration.
  • West Hollywood, California. The Los Angeles Blade interviews WeHo BiPride organiser Ian Lawrence-Tourinho and a diverse range of attendees about the importance of the upcoming event. Read the article!
Wednesday September 18
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bi-hiking, a relaxing walk in a lovely urban forest.? Meet 5pm in Sanctuary Woods, North of Ronald McDonald House, 8948 W Watertown Plank Rd, Wauwatosa. To the Facebook event.
  • New York City, New York. Leftscape podcast talks with bi+ activist Robyn Ochs about the diversity of bi+ identities (part 1, 31:52 – 58:22). Listen to the podcast. The second part will be on Wednesday September 25.
Thursday September 19
  • Washington, DC. The Human Rights Campaign’s Bi+ Employee Resource Group is hosting a panel with leaders from the Bi+ community. 6-9:30pm at 1640 Rhode Island Ave NW. To the facebook event.
Friday September 20
  • Boston, Massachusetts. Celebrate Bi+ Pride. Wear your bi pride colors and join for snacks, drinks, a raffle, and meeting new awesome members of your local bi+ community! 18:00 at Lir Bar, 903 Boylston St. To the Facebook event.
  • Chicago, Illinois. Bi Bar Crawl. Welcome at the starting at Farragut’s, 5240 N Clark St. at 19:00, and they’ll make their way around the neighborhood. To the Facebook event.
  • South Bend, Indiana. Ain’t No Lie, Baby Bi Bi Bi. Celebration of bisexuality at Dockside nightclub with free entry and bi merchandise for sale. To the Facebook event.
  • West Hollywood, California. Sidebar Radio interview with 2nd WeHo BiPride organisers Jackie Steele and Ian Lawrence-Tourinho about this huge event, bi+ people, history, politics, and culture. Listen to the radioshow!
Saturday September 21
  • Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta Pride Bi+ Bar Crawl; rotating through queer midtown bars as a group. Check-in from 9-9:30pm at Blake’s on the Park, 227 10th St NE. Afterparty at My Sister’s Room. Buy tickets.
  • Lincoln, NE. Local bi group outing 1pm-late, downtown. To the facebook event.
  • New York City, New York. Big BiPride Celebration 2019 September Bisexual+ Potluck Picnic. 1-6pm in Van Cortlandt Park located in the Bronx. To the Facebook page.
  • Portland, Oregon. Bi Visibility Day Pre Funk. A chill, potluck-style gathering, please bring a food you love, to share. Kid-friendly. 2-7pm at Lisa’s place, address will be sent. To the Facebook event.
  • West Hollywood, California. WeHo BiPride. Festival. March with the world’s largest bi flag. Dance in black light. 1:30-9:30pm at West Hollywood Park Auditiorium, 647 N San Vicente Blvd. To the Facebook page.
Sunday September 22
  • New York City, New York. Bouldering. An afternoon with bi and pan climbers, followed by drinks and food. Beginners welcome! 15-18pm++ at The Cliffs at DUMBO, 99 Plymouth St. To the Facebook event.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pancakes with Pansexuals. Enjoy the food, and come learn about the Pansexual identity. 11am-2pm at Dennis R Neill Equality Center, 621 E 4th St. To the Facebook page.
Monday September 23
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan. Spectrum Center’s bar-b-que! Celebrating the Bi+ community with food, fun and resources. 5pm at Trotter Multicultural Center, 428 S State St. To the event page.
  • Athens, Georgia. Bisexual Block Party. 12-2pm at the University of Georgia, Reed Quad. To the web page.
  • Bethesda, Maryland. ?Live: The first ever US National Institutes of Health funded workshop on bisexual health research. Starts at 9am and will be archived as a podcast. More information and video cast.
  • Chicago, Illinois. Press Conference Heralding Chicago’s Mayoral Proclamation recognizing Bi Visibility Day. 9:30-10:30am at AIDS Foundation of Chicago, 200 West Monroe Street, Suite 1150. RSVP.
  • Kennesaw, Georgia. Stand Bi Me at Kennesaw State University. Share food, spoken word performance, music and more. 1pm at Campus Green. To the web page.
  • New York City, New York. Skirt Club celebrates Bi-women and their freedom to be their true authentic selves! Aperitivo with bubbles and bites. 5-9pm at Cecconi’s Dumbo, 55 Water Street. To the Facebook event.
  • New York City, New York. Bisexual Visibility Day Potluck organised by the podcast hosts HelloGoodBis. 6-8pm at Brooklyn Community Pride Center, 1360 Fulton Street. To the Facebook event.
  • Orlando, Florida. Bisexual Visibility Day panel discussion, followed by a celebration including cake! 6.30pm at the LGBT Center, 946 N Mills Ave. To the Facebook event.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly meet and greet for bisexual, pansexual, queer, fluid, and our friends! 6:30-7:30pm at William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce St. To the Facebook event.
  • Portland, Oregon. Bi Visibility Day Party! They’ll have Portland’s finest music selectas throwing down tracks for your eargasm enjoyment ?. 6-9pm at Local Lounge, 3536 NE M L King Blvd. To the Facebook event.
  • San Francisco, California. Happy Hour with Open Hearts. Join for dash of drinking, a sprinkle of laughter and a splash of consent. 18:30-21:30 at Virgil’s Sea Room, 3152 Mission St. To the Facebook event.
  • San Jose, California. Bi Visibility Day Flag Raising Ceremony. With speakers and afterwards coffee & tea. 8:30-9:30am at County Government Building, 70 West Hedding Street. To the Facebook and Meetup event.
  • San Jose, California. Join the Silicon Valley Pride brunch with panel discussion about bisexuality. 11am-2pm, panel starts at 12:30-1pm, at SoFA Market, 387 S 1st St. To the Facebook and Meetup event.
  • San Jose, California. ?Live: Bisexual Visibility Day Panel. Discussion with leaders from the bi+ community. 6-8:30pm at Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center, 938 The Alameda. To the Facebook and Meetup event.
  • Seattle, Washington. Bi Visibility Day Social, a come-and-go event for all with food and drinks. 6.30-9:30pm at Optimism Brewing Company, 1158 Broadway. To the Facebook event.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma. STAND BI+ ME Celebration! They have music, dancing, stories, and refreshments. 6-9pm at Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, 621 E 4th St. To the Facebook event.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bi+ Visibility Day Mixer. 6:30-9pm at Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, 621 E 4th St. To the Facebook event.
Tuesday September 24
  • Hollywood, Florida. Join the South Florida Bisexual+ Network for a drink. Hors d’oeuvres will be available to the first 25 people who RSVP! 6pm at Sidelines Sports Bar II, 1832 Harrison St. To the Meetup group.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bi Cafe Milwaukee – Bi Visibility Day edition. No better time than BiVisibility month to see and be seen! 5:30-7:30pm at Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., 224 W Bruce St. To the Facebook event.
Wednesday September 25
  • New York City, New York. Leftscape podcast talks with bi+ activist Robyn Ochs about bi+ identities and bi+ books (part 2, 19:13 – 44:30). Listen to the podcast. Missed the first part? Listen it back here.
Friday September 27
  • New York City, New York. Larker Anthology is an arty celebration in photographs of resilient bi+ people, communities, and culture. It’s a gift for you on the occasion of Bi Visibility Day. To the free download.
Saturday September 28
  • Leesville, South Carolina. Join for a day tour and volunteer session at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary. 1:00-4:30 PM at Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary, 328 Lightwood Knot Road. To the Facebook event.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bi Visibili-Tea party, 13:00-15:00 at the Milwaukee LGBT Center, 1110 N Market St Fl 2. To the Facebook event.
  Vietnam flagVietnam Monday September 16 – Thursday September 19
  • Hanoi. Exhibition *The Mask*. Bi+ people often wear masks. Who are they, when they take them off? Open: Sept 16, 8:00-Sept 19, 20:00 at Quả Đất Tròn, Số 1 ngách 87 ngõ 190 Nguyễn Trãi. To the Facebook event.

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