Bi Visibility Day events

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Bi Visibility Day in 2018 also marks the start of #BiWeek – Bisexual Visibility Week, which runs until 30 September. To #BiVisibilityDay and #BiVisibilityWeek individuals and organisations have added the whole month September as Bi Visibility Month. More chances to learn and celebrate! #BiVisibilityMonth Countries that saw events include: Australia [>], Austria [>], Belgium [>], Bolivia [>], Brazil [>], Canada [>], Denmark [>], France [>], Germany [>], Guatemala [>], Hongkong [>], Ireland [>], Israel [>], Italy [>], Kyrgyzstan [>], Lithuania [>], Mexico [>], Netherlands [>], Norway [>], Poland [>], Russia [>], Serbia [>], Singapore [>], Slovenia [>], Spain [>], South Africa [>], South Korea [>], Sweden [>], Switzerland [>], Taiwan [>], Turkey [>], United Kingdom [>], United States of America [>], Vietnam [>], World [>] Australia flag Austria flag Belgium flag Bolivia flag Brazil flag Canada flag Denmark flag France flag Germany flag Guatemala flag Hongkong flag Ireland flag Israel flag Italy flag Kyrgyzstan flag Lithuania flag Mexico flag Netherlands flag Norway flag Russia flag Serbia Flag Singapore Flag Slovenia flag Spain flag South Africa flag South Korea flag Sweden flag Switzerland flag Taiwan flag Turkey flag UK flag USA flag Vietnam flag We’ve listed everything we’ve got so far. We would love to add more flags to this list. So please, tell us about any we’re missing. We also take events from the past years! Australia flagAustralia September 23
  • Melbourne. Celebrate Bisexuality+ Day Picnic. 13:00, Treasury Gardens, 2-18 Spring Street. Facebook event here.
  • Perth. Bi+ Picnic with Unicorn Cake! 12:00, Hyde Park, Vincent Street. Facebook event here.
  • Sydney. Bi Femmes go the LesBian shorts. 16:30, Event Cinemas George Street, 505-525 George Street. Meet-up event here.
Austria flagAustria September 22
  • Vienna. VisiBi*lity Austria invites you to their Bi*sexual Visibility Day Party. Good music, bad puns and cool people. So tell your friends, come BI and bi loud, bi proud, bi visible! 19:00, Zweistern, Heinestraße 42. Facebook event here.
Belgium flagBelgium September 10
  • Hasselt. Infotainment night about bisexuality for LGBT+ youngsters. 19:30, Inderdaad, Meldertstraat 38. Facebook event here.
September 14
  • Brussels. Ambigu au bar. Pub evening for Bi+ people. 20:00, Rainbowhouse, Rue Marché au Charbon 42. Facebook event here.
September 20
  • Hasselt. LesBian womens group Madam Bi Film night in co-operation with Ertussenin. A film that will learn you more about Wonder Woman! 19:30, De Madam vzw, vrouwen- en lesbocentrum, Meldertstraat 38. Facebook event here.
September 21
  • Hasselt. Keer-punt meeting for and by transgender people. It’s Bi Visibility Month, something to think about. So there will be a powerpoint with some info. 20:00, Regenbooghuis Limburg, Meldertstraat 38. Facebook event here.
September 22
  • Hasselt. Workshop Beyond Binaries, inspired by Robyn Ochs. 14:00, Regenbooghuis Limburg, Meldertstraat 38. Facebook event here.
  • Leuven. Join All Bi for a festive drink & fingerfood. Meanwhile they’ll proudly present… themselves! The youngest and newest bi organisation in Flanders. 18:30-20:00, ROCCO, Diestsesteenweg 24. Facebook event here.
September 30
  • Leuven. B Curious. Workshops, performances, debates. 9:30-17:00. 3Hoog, Mechelsevest 90. Details here.
Bolivia flagBolivia September 22
  • Santa Cruz. Fiesta Bisexual. Celebrate Bi Visibility Day together! Free entry, free drinks. 22:00, location available via whatsapp. More information on Facebook.
Brazil flagBrazil September 2 September 9
  • Rio de Janeiro. PicNic + Gravaçao De Video Pela Visibilidade Bissexual (PicNic + Video Recording for Bisexual Visibility). 13:00, Parque Quinta Da Boa Vista, 250 Avenida Pedro II. Facebook event here.
  • São Paulo. Bi-Sides plans to organise the 2nd of four discussion panels. Facebook announcement here.
September 16 September 22
  • Belo Horizonte. Frente Bi has the first ever Bisexual Visibility party in the city: #querobis. Music, performances, photo exhibition. 22:00, Viaduto Santa Tereza. Facebook announcement here.
  • São Paulo. Bi-Sides has a party and you’re invited! 23:00, Centro Cultural Zapata, Rua Riachuelo 328. Facebook event here.
September 23
  • Ipatinga, Minas Gerais. Coletivo BIL organises the 6th Torneio de Futsal BIL / Indoor Soccer Tournament for bisexual and lesbian women. 9:00, venue of tournament to follow. Facebook announcement here.
  • Porto Alegre. 16:00, Gasometroi. Roda Bi/ NUDS discussion about bisexual visibility and health, biphobia and self-discovery.
  • São Paulo. Bi-Sides plans to organise an occupation in Paulista. Facebook announcement here.
September 30 Canada flagCanada September 18
  • Toronto. CRUSH – bi zine launch. 19:30-21:30, Glad Day Bookshop, 499 Church St. More here
  • Toronto. Bi Arts Festival Opening Night Party. 22:00-01:00, Glad Day Bookshop, 499 Church St. More here.
September 19
  • Toronto. Bi Arts Festival: Film & Video Showcase. 21:00-22.30, Palmerston Library Theatre, 560 Palmerston Ave. More here.
September 21
  • Ontario. Ontario Public Service Pride Network will screen a selection of short films curated by Morgan Sears-Williams (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre). 12:00-13:00, address to follow. More details soon.
  • Toronto. Bi Arts Festival opening reception. 18:00-22:00, Beaver Hall Gallery, 29 McCaul Street. More here.
September 23
  • Calgary. Celebration of Bi+ diversity and resilience. Panel discussion, poetry & book reading, info table. 13:00, location TBA. Facebook event here.
  • Montreal. Bi Visibility Parade with Bi Pride flags. Walking up and down Ste-Catherine in the Village. Stop for some drinks at the Sky. 13:00-16:00, Sky NightClub, 1474 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est. Facebook event here.
  • Toronto. Bi Arts Festival, 8pm-1am, the Tranzac club. Webpage.
Denmark flagDenmark September 23 France flag France September 23
  • Paris. March through the streets of Paris. Bring your Bi, Pan, Non-Binary, Asexual and + flags, banners, signs! 14:30, meet on the Place du Colonel Fabien. Facebook event here.
  • Toulouse. Visit the BI-Visible information booth for Bi Visibility Day! 10:30-17:00, in front of Fnac Wilson, on the esplanade François Mitterrand. Details here.
German flagGermany September 21
  • Kiel. They’ll do it again! Just like last year the Bi Pride Flag is raised to Bi Visibility Day at the Ministry of Social Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein. 10:00, Adolf-Westphal-Str. 4. Facebook event here.
September 22
  • Berlin. BiBerlin Camp 2018. Workshops & discussions, food & drinks. 11:00-20:30, Sonntags-Club, Greifenhagener Straße 28. Facebook event here.
  • Berlin. Bi Party: Dance to the Bi Day! 22:00, Café/ Bar Marienhof, Marienburger Str. 7. Facebook info here.
  • Hamburg. Garden party with barbecue and dancing. 16:00, if you’d like to attend, please send a message to Stammtisch Bi & Friends HH. Facebook info here.
  • Nürnberg. The group Bi in Franken und Regensburg joins the Revival Geburtstagsparty von Fliederlich. After midnight on the occasion of Bi Visibility Day there will be a surprise! 21:00, Desi, Brückenstr. 23. Details here.
September 23
  • Berlin. Bi Brunch, 11:00, Sonntags-Club, Greifenhagener Straße 28. Sonntags-Club webpage.
  • Koln. Open Air Stammtisch. You can recognise the Bi group Uferlos via the Bi Pride flag and the pavillion they’ll set up. 16:00, Kölner Poller Wiesen. Facebook event here.
  • Mainz. Researcher Richard Lemke tells about bisexual identities and bisexuality in partnerships. Moderated discussion afterwards. 17.00, Bar jeder Sicht, Hintere Bleiche 29. Facebook event here.
Guatemala flag Guatemala September 23
  • Guatemala City. Bi Guate invites you to their social in town. Please, wear a purple blouse or T-shirt! 14:00, at the corner of the 8th. street and 6a. avenue of zone 1. Facebook event here.
Hongkong flag Hongkong September 22
  • Hongkong. Diner in restaurant: share your story and meet other bisexual people, their partner(s) and friends. 19.30, Sham Shui Po: 愛無界 Love Unbounded will send exact address when you sign up. More here.
Ireland flagIreland September 20
  • Cork. Bi Visibility Boardgames. 18:00, Tabletop Cork, 9 Castle Street. Facebook event here.
  • Galway. Visibili-Tea meet-up. Come & celebrate with some tea, treats and chats! 20:00, The Secret Garden, 4 William Street West. Facebook event here.
September 23
  • Dublin. Bi+ Ireland organises a Bi+ Vis Variety Show with singing, burlesque, drag and lots more! 19:00, The Generator Hostel, Smithfield Square. Facebook event here.
September 24
  • Belfast. Visibili-Tea meet-up. They have some speakers organised who will chat about their experiences in the local community and further afield. 19:00, Belfast Trans Resource Centre, 98 University Street. Facebook event here.
Israel flagIsrael September 22
  • Tel Aviv. Bi VisiBility Party, an exceptionally glittery and crazy night! 20:30 Doors open, stalls and tattoos. 21:30 Shows. 22:00 Party! Zizi Club, 7 Karlibach St.. Facebook event here.
Italy flagItaly September 9
  • Pisa. BiT, Bisessuali in Toscana, organises the Flashmob ‘Under Bi+ Umbrella’. All for Bi Visibility: let’s open the pink, purple, and blue umbrellas together! 16:00, Piazza Garibaldi.
  • Pisa. Polyamory and non-monosexual orientations. 17:00, Piazza Chiara Gambacorti, “La Pera”. Facebook event here.
September 12
  • Padova. We count the Unicorns – Bisexuality & research. 21:00, Antéros LGBTI Padova, via Santa Sofia 5. Facebook event here.
September 18
  • Padova. Bisexual Support Group. 21:00, Antéros LGBTI Padova, via Santa Sofia 5. Facebook event here.
September 19
  • Verona. Festive opening of the Bisexual Desk. Tune in for a chat: personal, via phone or Skype. The service will be every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 19:00-21:00, Pianeta Milk – Verona Lgbt+ Center, Via Scuderlando, 137. Facebook event here.
September 22 September 23
  • Cecina. Visit the Arcigay Livorno information booth for Bi Visibility Day! 17:00-19:00, Piazza Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi, 57023 Cecina LI,. Facebook event here.
  • Padova. Bi-VISIBLE Picnic. 15:30-18:00. Piazza Prato della Valle, Memnia Island, south side. Facebook event here.
  • Rome. Unite for the national demonstration for Bi Visibility, to demand recognition, inclusion and dignity of all people who love more than one gender. 16:00, Piazza della Madonna di Loreto, Colonna Traiana near Piazza Venezia. Facebook event here.
September 28
  • Lucca. An inspiring evening with the installation INSTA.BI.LI. and a human library where people cover themes connected to bisexuality. 21:00, Cantiere Giovani, Via del Brennero 673. Facebook event here.
September 29 Kyrgyzstan flagKyrgyzstan September 21
  • Bishkek. For the second year the bi community in Bishkek celebrates Bi Visibility Day. You can contact them via the Facebook event.
Lithuania flagLithuania September 22
  • Vilnius. Bi-Matomumo diena LT / Bi-Visibility day LT: Mini-Conference about the various identities under the Bisexual Umbrella. 15:00, Paviljonas, Pylimo g. 21B. Facebook event here.
  • Vilnius. Let’s Bi Together: Party! Bi Colours & Music. 22:00, SOHO Club, SOHO CLUB, Švitrigailos g. 7. Facebook event here.
September 23
  • Vilnius. Bi-Matomumo diena LT / Bi-Visibility day LT: Bicnic. 11:00, Chaika, Totorių g. 7. Facebook event here.
Mexico flag Mexico September 14. Historia de la bisexualidad. Hosted by Bi positivo – grupo bisexual. 7 pm – 9 pm UTC-05. At Voces en Tinta, Niza 23A, 06600 Mexico City, Mexico. Facebook event here. September 16
  • Mexico City. The History of Bisexuality. 19:00, Voces en Tinta, Niza 23a, Col. Juárez, Zona Rosa. More on the Facebook page.
September 21 Netherlands flagNetherlands September 21
  • Utrecht. Panel on the polyphony of love after the solo theatre show ‘Red’ about a bisexual man performed by Rick Pullens. 20:00, Het Huis Utrecht, Boorstraat 107. Details here.
Norway flagNorway September 23
  • Oslo. VisiBle invites you over for a coffee and a chat in the Colosseum Kaffebrenneriet at Majorstuen. Join the bi and pan flags on the tables, and bi VisiBle! 13:00, Fridtjof Nansens vei 5. Facebook event here.
  • Trondheim. VisiBle i Trondheim meets in a café in the centre of the city for bisexualitea and a friendly chat. 14:00, Tulla Fischer, Kongensgate 8. Facebook event here.
Poland September 23
  • Warsaw. It’s Bi Visibility Day! Let’s get together in public space to celebrate our bisexuality and/or our bisexual family and friends. Show your support. Do it now! 15:00-17:00, plac Zamkowy. Facebook event here.
September 25
  • Warsaw. Presentation of new novel W powietrzu by Inga Iwasiów with bi woman as main character. Discussion afterwards. 18:00, Lambda Warszawa, Żurawia 24a lok. 4, 00-515 Śródmieście. Facebook event here.
Russia flagRussia September
  • St. Petersburg. We are expecting more information about the wonderful events that took place for Bi Visibility Day in St. Petersburg!
Serbia September 23
  • Belgrado. Activist Stefan Sparavalo gives a lecture on the B of bisexuality, the third letter within the LGBT+ acronym. 18:00-19:00, Prajd Info Centar, Kralja Milana 20. Facebook event here.
  • Belgrado. Human library of two bisexual persons Ana and Janko. 19:00-20:00, Prajd Info Centar, Kralja Milana 20. Facebook event here.
Singapore September 23 Slovenia flagSlovenia September 19 South Africa flagSouth Africa September 16 September 23 South Korea flagSouth Korea September 29
  • Jeju City. The 2nd Jeju Queer Culture Festval has choosed bisexuality as their theme this year! 12:00-18:00, Sinsan Park. Facebook event here.
Spain flagSpain September 19
  • Castello. Bisexual Pride Castelló 2018. Daily (!) Bi+ events until September 29th. Facebook event here.
September 21 September 20
  • Arrecife, Lanzarote. The moon has phases, bisexuality does not. Presentation and social. 18:30, Casa de la Juventud, Calle Dr. Juan Negrin, 118. Facebook announcement here.
September 21
  • Alicante The B in the LGBT movement, with Esdras Catari. Presentation and discussion. 19:00. Compromís LGTB+ Comarques d’Alacant, Cl Orense, 3. Facebook event here.
  • Terrassa near Barcelona. The Bisexual section of LGTB Terrassapresents activist Jorge Barrazza Fernandez, who holds the talk ‘Does my bisexuality confuse you? The reality of bisexual people; rejection and bifobia.’ 21:00, Bau House, Avinguda de Jacquard, 1. Details here.
  • Valencia. Author Ignacio Elpidio Domínguez Ruiz presents his book Ethnography of Bisexuality in LGBT activism. 19:00, Carrer de la República Argentina, 22. Details here.
September 22
  • Castello de la Plana. Party: Fredy & David. 23:30, Pub Soho, Carrer de Carcaixent, 33. Facebook event here.
  • Madrid. Workshop Am I Bi? by activist Esperanza Montero. 18:00, Cogam, Calle de la Puebla, 9. Details here.
  • Madrid. Party 10 Anniversary of the Bisexual Group Cogam. Food, drink, music, and action Ask a Bi. 20:00, Cogam, Calle de la Puebla, 9. Details here.
September 23
  • Castello. Bisexual Pride: Reading of the Manifesto and homage to Gloria Fuertes. 19:00, Castellón de la Plana – Pescateria Square. Facebook event here.
  • Madrid. Grupo de Bisexuales COGAM and KifKif go out on the street to claim their visibility and the fight against bifobia and monosexism. 18:30-20:30, Plaza de la Puerta del Sol. More here.
September 24
  • Madrid. KifKif invites you to leave your message on their Bisexual Visibility Day banner sé BIsible (Be Visible). 18:00-19:00, Plaza de Lavapiés. Facebook event here.
September 27
  • Madrid. Entertraining about how culture perpetuates monosexism. Where do you see it in television series? Also good examples of bi+ representation. 19:30-21:30, Cogam, Calle de la Puebla, 9. Details here.
Sweden flagSweden September 23
  • Göteborg. Fika, your Bi Visibility Day coffee break, 14:00, Condeco, Västra Hamngatan 16. More here.
  • Uppsala. Screening of Three (Drei/Tre). With discussion afterwards about Bi Visibility in films. 14:00, Fyrisbiografen, St Olofsgatan 10. Facebook event here.
Switzerland September 15
  • Basel. Weekend with all bi-groups in Switzerland to celebrate Bi Visibility Day. Meet-up in an Inn. Cooking together and enjoying the bi+ community. Swimming in the Rhine when weather allows. Welcome in the afternoon at Nachthafen, Burgweg 7. More here.
Taiwan flagTaiwan September 22
  • Taichung City. Meet=up of Bi The Way. Chat. Have a cup of tea, a glass of wine, and share wat you want to share. 19:00-21:00, Section 3, Taiyuan Road, Beitun District (exact address will follow). Facebook event here.
Turkey flagTurkey September 22
  • Istanbul. Bisexual Visibility Chat. They are your friends, and sometimes they become your partners. Who are these bisexual people? 16:00-18:00, Cinsel Şiddetle Mücadele Derneği, Koşuyolu Caddesi, Asçamlık Sitesi C2 Blok 75/6 Kadıköy. Facebook event here.
  • Izmir. Bi+ Party! 21.30, Rec Alsancak, Kıbrıs Şehitleri cad. Muzaffer İzgü sok. Alsancak/Konak. Facebook event here.
September 23
  • Istanbul. LADEG+ invites you to a Kahoot! quiz about bisexuality. Download the app and play! Expect a lively discussion and learning from each other. 16.00, Boysan’ın Evi, Üftade Sk. No:10. Facebook event here.
  • Izmir. B+ What’s under the umbrella? 18.00-20:00, Genç LGBTİ Derneği İzmir, 1472. Sok. No:20 Gürsoy Apartman. Daire:5 Kat:2, 35220 Konak. Facebook event here.
UK flagUnited Kingdom September 16
  • Liverpool. Open Table communion service for Bi Visibility Day at St Bride’s Church, Percy Street, L8. 18:30 start.
September 18
  • Manchester. BiPhoria raises a Bi Visibility Banner at Sackville Gardens.
September 19
  • Edinburgh. Discussion around bisexuality & visibility. 19:00-21:00, LGBT Centre, 9 Howe St. Facebook event here.
September 20
  • Bristol. #BiSpace, lunch session for civil servants working in Bristol. 12:30-13:30, Horizon House, Deanery Road. Details here.
  • Leeds. Film screening at Leeds University Union, 17:00. Facebook event here.
  • London. #BiSpace, lunch session for civil servants working in London. 12:30-14:00, BEIS Conference Centre, room C19, 1 Victoria St, Westminster. Details here.
  • York. Bi pub meet at the Cross Keys, Goodramgate, organised by York LGBT FOrum. See YorkBiGroup on twitter.
September [email protected]
  • Leeds. Leeds Bi Group present: Bi Talk in conjunction with Leeds City Council’s LGBT+ Community Hub, Touchstone and Pinsent Masons. 18:00-21:00, Pinsent Masons, 1 Park Row. Details here.
September 22
  • Birmingham. Brum Bi Group Pub Crawl. Encouraged to bring your flags, silly headgear, glowsticks and whatever else will make the group as visible as possible. 19:30, The Dragon Inn, Hurst Street.Facebook event here.
  • Leeds. Raising of the bisexual flag over Leeds Beckett University.
  • Leeds. Bi Visibility running with Leeds Front runners. 09:00-10:30 at Roundhays Park. Meet Lakeside Cafe, look for the bi flag. Facebook event here.
  • Manchester. BiPhoria hosts #StillBisexual video-making.12:30-14:00, LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street. Info here.
  • Manchester. Bi boardgaming. 14:00-16:00, LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street. Info here.
  • Stirling. BiTastic! 10:00-17:00, Forth Valley College, Drip Road. More here.
September 23
  • Birmingham. Brum Bi Group Coffee Meet. 12:00, Damascena, Temple Row. Depending on the weather they’ll take their food & drinks outside to Pigeon Park (Birmingham Cathedral).Facebook announcement here.
  • Bolton. Bis at Bolton Pride (street stall). Facebook event here.
  • Bristol. Bisexual Bike Ride 2018. Grab your bikes, invite your friends and join for a friendly, slow Bi Visibility bike ride. 15:30-17:00, meet by the bandstand in Castle Park. Facebook event here.
  • Glasgow. Screening of Call Me By Your Name. To mark Bi Visibility Day, there will be a panel discussion after the film on Bisexuality in the Media. 13:30, Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street. Buy your ticket(s)!
  • Leeds. Bi boardgaming afternoon. 14:00-17:00 at Geek Retreat, Central Arcade. Facebook event here.
  • London. 11:00 Bi Visibility Day Picnic, Green Park. Look for bi flags, bunting, umbrellas. Meetup event page.
  • London. CaBiRet bi performance night. Details here.
  • Manchester. University flies the bi flag and has computer screen display messages about Bi Visibility Day. Bi Vis Quiz – details to be confirmed.
  • Oxford. Town hall will fly the bi flag again to mark the date.
  • Salford. Bi Inclusion Speaker from BiPhoria at University House, 12:00-13:00.
  • Salford. Bi Picnic outside University House 12:00 – 15:00, bring your own food / drink to share.
  • Salford. Celebrating Bi Artists. Art and craft session, Derwent Room, University House, University House. 15:00-16:00.
  • Southampton. Bi Visibility Day At The London! 15:00-18:00, London Hotel, Terminus Terrace. Facebook info here.
  • Stockport. Town Hall will be lit up in pink, purple and blue.
  • Stoke-on-Trent. Bi Social Meetup. 11:00 at Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. Facebook event here.
September 24
  • Edinburgh. Bi talk and short film screening followed by panel and Q&A. From 18:00 at ECA Evolution House. More here.
  • London. Bi Visibility Cake Stand at University of Roehampton Library, main entrance from 12:00.
  • London. Bi Pride UK presents: B You… In The Workplace. 18:30, EY Canary Wharf, 25 Churchill Place. Facebook event here.
  • Manchester. Bi stall in University Student Union foyer, 09:00-16:00
  • Manchester. #BiSpace, lunch session for civil servants working in Manchester. 12:30-13:30, Department for Education, Piccadilly Gate, room 1.06, Store Street. Details here.
  • Manchester. Bi visibility workshop, 16:00-18:30, University of Manchester Student Union room 8.
  • Worthing. Bi Coffee Meet, 4pm at Starbucks, 22-26 South Road. Facebook event here.
September 26
  • Aberdeen. Screening of The Comedian at Robert Gordon University. 17:00 for 17:30 start. Tickets here.
September 27
  • London. Bi-Lights Show with musicians and performers. 19:00 – 23:00, The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street. Facebook event here.
USA flagUSA September 8
  • Columbus, OH. K THX BI: A Bi Showcase presented by Bianca Spunky Moore. 8pm to 10 pm, Bossy Grrl’s Pinup Joint, 2598 N High St. Facebook event here
September 10
  • Milwaukee, WI. Bi Visibility Month Discussion Group. Chat about the impact of Bi-erasure on our Bi-Visibility. 17:30-19:30, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., 224 W. Bruce St. Facebook event here.
September 13
  • Columbus, OH. Funky Fresh Fun (aka BiLocal Monthly Happy Hour followed by Karaoke fun). 16:00-18:00, Bossy Grrl’s Pinup Joint, 2598 N High St. Facebook event here
September 21
  • New York. Bi flag raised (for the first time) over the NYC LGBT+ Center. Facebook info here.
September 21
  • Bloomsburg, PA. Games and activities. 13:00, Kehr Union Building, Multipurpose A. Facebook event here.
  • Boston. Celebrate Bi+ Pride/Visibility Day! Wear your bi pride colors and join for snacks, drinks, a raffle, and meeting your local bi+ community. 19:00-22:00, Lir, 903 Boylston St. Facebook event here.
  • Chapel Hill, NC. LGBTQ Center at UNC Chapel Hill hosts a hang-out with Bi folks and allies. 10:00-14:00, The Pit. Facebook event here.
  • New York. HIV/AIDS & Bisexuality: Uncovering Connection talk. BiRequest has partnered with Housing Works, to take a hard look at the intersection of bisexuality and HIV/AIDS, $20 suggested donation. Meetup page here.
September 22
    • Arlington, VA. Center Bi Plus night out at Freddie’s Beach Bar.. 7:45 PM to 9:45 PM. 555 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202. Meet Up link here.
    • New York. Bi+ Trivia: 15:00 at Phoenix, 447 East 13th Street – quiz with bi+ prizes! Meetup event here.
    • West Hollywood. The first-ever official Bi Pride Celebration of a City in the US! 14:00-18:00, Auditorium – West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd. Facebook event here.
September 23
  • Asheville, NC. Bi+ Visibility Brunch, 10:30 at Tupelo Honey South, 1745 Hendersonville Rd. Meetup page here.
  • Atlanta, GA. BisexualiTea. 17:00, Phillip Rush Center, 1530 DeKalb Avenue, Suite A. Facebook event here.
  • Columbia, SC. Bi+ Visibility Celebration. Hosted by Bi+ Space. 1 PM – 3 PM EDT. At South Carolina State House. 1201 Main St Columbia, South Carolina . Facebook event here.
  • Columbus, OH. Visibility Rally & Community Social. Hosted by BiLocal. Come together for fellowship and visibility! 12-4 pm Goodale Park. 120 West Goodale Street. 1-2 pm Rally and Speakers at the Gazebo, 2-4 pm Reception at the Shelterhouse. Facebook event here.
  • Denver, CO. Family-friendly Event. Picnic, face painting and a photo booth to show it off, games & coloring sheets, buttons available by donation. 11:00, Cheeseman Park. Facebook event here.
  • Duluth, MT. Bi Visibility Day Picket. 17:30-18:30 at The People’s Power Plaza, the tiny park at the corner of Lake Avenue. Facebook event here.
  • Gilbert, AZ. Celebrate Bisexuality! at Fluid Array Foundation’s Bi Pride Day event. More here.
  • Knoxville, TN. Bi Pride/Bi Visibility Day meetup: just hanging out and eating pizza. 16:00-20:00, ET Permaculture Research Institute, 201 Ogle Avenue. Facebook event here.
  • Milwaukee, WI. Bi+ Pride Milwaukee hosts a Bi-B-Q! 11:00, Lake Park. Facebook event here.
  • Minneapolis, MN. You’re invited to Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Hosted by the Bisexual Organizing Project. Sunday, September 23 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Davanni’s Pizza and Hot Hoagies: 1905 Perimeter Rd, Roseville, MN 55113. RSVP at eventbrite.
  • New York. Event at The Loft LGBT Center, Bryant Ave, White Plains; details to be confirmed, see this page.
  • New York. “Bisexuality in 2018: Pain Points & Milestones” 15:00 at Stonewall Inn, upstairs event space, Christopher Street. Panel discussion. Suggested $20 door donation. Meetup event page.
  • Philadelphia, PA. 3rd Annual Philly Bi Visibility Day. Raising of the Bi Pride flag and Bi community members speech. 18:00, William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce St. Facebook event here
  • Pittsburg. Bi Visibility Day Community Conference. Workshops, art show, networking. 12:00-17:00, Persad Center, 5301 Butler St, Ste 100. Facebook event here
  • Portland, OR. AmBi social meetup. Details here (meetup site login required)
  • Portland, OR. Bi+ Heart Circle hosted by The Bi Brigade, 3-6 p.m. Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227.
  • Portland, OR. Bi+ Sunday Coffee hosted by The Bi Brigade, 1-3 p.m. Triumph Coffee, 201 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
  • San Francisco. Bi/Trans Brunch, 13:00-16:00 at Streamline, 3560 Taraval Street, organised by Bay Area Bi Network. Facebook event here.
  • St Louis, MO. Bisexual Alliance of St Louis hosts a potluck picnic. 13:00. Meetup page event.
  • Seattle. Bi social meetup 14:00-18:00, Optimism Brewing Co, 1158 Broadway. Facebook event here.
September 25
  • Richmond, VA. Bi+ Discussion Group – Focus Topic on Visibility and Erasure at Metropolitan Community Church of Richmond, 2501 Park Avenue, start time 19:00..
September 27
  • Atlanta. Bi The Way, panel discussion on bisexual and pansexual visibility. 19:00, Charis Books and More/Charis Circle, 1189 Euclid Ave NE. Facebook event here.
September 30
  • Seattle. Bi party for Bi Visibility Week with bi film, art, music, dancing. 21:00, Mercury @ Machinewerks, 1009 E Union St. Facebook event here.
Vietnam flagVietnam September
  • Hanoi. We are expecting more information about the creative workshop that took place for Bi Visibility Day in Hanoi!
  • Hanoi. We are expecting more information about the #BiPride contingent at Hanoi Pride!
Bi Pride FlagWorld September 23
  • FREE Download on Bi Visibility Day: LARKER ANTHOLOGY, an independent, annual bi anthology published on Bi Visibility Day since 2013. It celebrates the visual heritage of the resilient communities under the bisexual umbrella. It features original as well as archival/historical photographs of actual bi people. It is based in NYC, but it features bi people and bi culture from all over the globe. Download the Larker Anthology series.
  • FREE Download on Bi Visibility Day: SUBATOMIC and other stories by & about bisexuals. What a wonderful gift to the world: a the pdf of a brand new short stories book to download for free! On Bi Visibility Day 2018, editors Mariëlle S. Smith & Sìne Màiri Ní Ailpín will publish: My Voice – My Story; SUBATOMIC and other stories by & about bisexuals For updates, follow the editor’s site, their Facebook page, or this website (thank you for being here).
  • PODCAST: Adult Bedtime Stories Podcast on Celebrate Bi Day, with Gigi Raven Wilbur who says “Check out my podcast Adult Bedtime Stories as I cover a little of the history of Celebrate Bisexuality Day.” Here on iTunes.
Whole Year
  • Invite your friends: WorldWide Facebook event for Bi Visibility Day. When you are on Facebook again, why not invite all your bi and bi-ally friends to the Facebook event Bi Visibility Day!

Other Bi Visibility Day events?

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