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Flag - Lithuania [Lithuania] Vilnius, 23rd September: celebrate with bis and allies at the LGL centre!

They say:

“How often do you hear about bisexuality? Probably, seldom. According to surveys, a number of bisexual people refrain from coming out and their friends and families wouldn’t know about it. In celebration of
the international Bi Visibility Day on September 23 we invite everyone to a meeting-workshop. During  the event we will tackle some of the less familiar and talked-about topics related to bisexuality, as well as
introducing the local situation.

Agenda of the event

18:00-18:30 Introducing ourselves and enjoying tea, biscuits, sushi.
18:30-18:50 Getting to know each other; „bisexual“ Bingo!
18:30-20:30 Interactive, informative and interesting activities on the following topics:
Bisexual erasure, mental and physical health of bisexual people, coming out, „bisexual“ terms and forms of relationships, importance of bisexual activists in LGBT* movement.

The event will be held in English and Lithuanian. Everyone is welcome: a good level of knowledge on bisexual issues is not necessary to participate.

See you!”

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