The Big Bi Tweet

Sadly due to all the “fake news” twitterbots and facebook trolls, the Thunderclap service we used to use for a mass tweet on September 23 has closed down.  As such this tweet page will have suggested tweets but we can no longer make joining in quite as easy as we did in the past.


We gave Bi Visibility Day a kick-start on Twitter in 2017, with a big splash of tweets in the morning!

We set up a “Thunderclap” tweet which will help get the #BiVisibilityDay and #BiPride tags moving, and help people find resources that can tell them more about September 23 bi visibility events around the world.

The idea was to get people to tweet

“Happy #BiVisibilityDay everyone! Raise the #BiPride flag & click to learn more:”

– with a link to this website on the end.

For Thunderclap to run the Big Bi Tweet we needed at least 100 people to sign up – we are already well above that so this is definitely going ahead: thanks to everyone who’s already joined in!

You can read about it here:

Here’s how it went in earlier years:


The first tweet had 295 participants and a ‘reach’ of 1,076,121 twitter users; the second (timed for the Americas) 138 participants with a reach of 259,481 people. We tried a third one, timed for New Zealand / Australia, but sadly it didn’t get enough signups to go ahead.


The first tweet went out at 9.30am, London time, on September 23rd. It helped #BiVisibilityDay trend with about 3,000 tweets on the subject being sent out by twitterers at that time. It was  here!

The second tweet was later in the day, when people in the Americas are more likely to be awake.

Happy #BiVisibilityDay twitter-friends! Raise the #BiPride flag for #BiDay & click to learn more:

– and again a link to this website.

It was here.

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