The Bisexual Visibility Experiment


All sorts of events and visibility work happens around the world for September 23rd. Here’s one of the more bold and creative ideas for this year, from Scotland.  The Equality Network say:

To celebrate Bi Visibility Day, 23 September 2015 the Equality Network is running an experiment. We invite people to wear a bisexual T-shirt and send us their stories about being very visibly bisexual to share here.

Even if you’re not bisexual, you can still take part and find out what it’s like if people think you are bisexual.

Why are we doing this?

  • Many bisexual people are afraid to be out as bisexual. We hope these stories will inspire and inform people about what they can expect.
  • Many people do not understand the differences between homophobia and biphobia. We hope that these stories will demonstrate some of these differences and similarities so that people can better understand our points of views and experiences.
  • Biphobia is a serious issue. Reactions captured during our experiment will be used to provide case studies for activists and trainers assisting organisations to become more inclusive of bisexual people.
  • It’s an exciting experiment. We want to see what will happen. Will people feel safe and happy or scared? What will the reactions be from the public? Will unexpected interesting conversations take place? How will gender, race, disability, age and class shape the reactions?

Find out more and take part here.




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  1. This may be a silly question, but that day at work I’ll be wearing uniform. Can I still take part in the experiment if I defer it to a day on which I will not be wearing uniform?

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