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NY St Bonaventure raise the flag

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

US flag[USA] New York – 23 September, St Bonaventure university campus

At 3261 West State Road, St. Bonaventure, NY 14778

Campus Art Installation and Bi Pride Heart Flag Raising. All-day event.

Facebook page here.

Bi Visibility Day Open Mic in New York

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

open mic

US flag[USA] New York – Date: Wed Sept 23

Time: Reception at 7 PM, Performance at 7:30 PM
Location: Bureau of General Services: Queer Division Rm. 210 in the LGBT Center, 208 W. 13 St. btwn. 7-8 Ave., New York NY 10011

Bi Writers & Poets, Musicians & Singers, Artists & Photographers: express yourself & be visible! Everyone else is invited to listen in. Sign up by email or at the door if there is still space. Bring friends. Contact Sheela Lambert at fuscialadybug (at) netzero (dot) com to sign up. Themes are bi visibility and celebrating bisexuality so be your fierce bi self! Assume you have 5 minutes.

$5 at the door (pays the rent & donates to the Bi Writers Assoc.)

New York film night offers Something for Everyone

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

US flagNew York, USA: Tuesday September 24th. The Bi group in Westchester County, New York (that’s just to the north of The Bronx) dropped us a line.

They say: for Bi Visibility Day we always watch a bi movie. This year we are watching Something for Everyone, an oldie but a goodie: more info here