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Wrap up Bi Week in Canada

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Canada flag[Canada] Friday, Sept. 25, Toronto

At Victory Cafe, 581 Markham Street (just south of Bloor, one block west of Bathurst)

“CBD Dinner”

People are getting together for a community dinner. Everyone is invited. Head to the second floor and look for the small bi pride flag. Time 8p.m.

Canada: Toronto bis have plans

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Canada flag[Canada] Toronto, 21 September: BiNet Toronto are planning a picnic. You can find out more here on Facebook.

They say:

For this year’s Celebrate Bisexuality aka Bi Visibility Day, we’re planning on having a potluck picnic at Dufferin Grove Park

All Welcome – This event will be PG & Family Friendly – This Facebook Event is Public

If you wish to rsvp privately, you can do so through the email address [email protected].

If you are joining us, please keep an eye on this facebook page, because that is where we will post updates (in case of weather, etc).

For the picnic: please bring food and drinks for yourself and to share (if you wish). (No alcohol please; the city doesn’t allow it in public parks).

If you are planning to share, please bring vegetarian food and please bring a list of the ingredients so that others can check for allergens. We’ll bring disposable plates, cups, and cutlery.

Kids, dogs, family and friends are all welcome. (Cats are also welcome, but they probably will be annoyed if you bring them).

Also welcome: bi-pride and rainbow flags, balls, frizz-bees and other outdoor games, bubble blowers, whatever you like to have at a picnic.

As well: Would you like to do a short reading at the picnic?

We’re planning to do a short presentation on the history of bi/pan/fluid activism at the picnic. If you have a short reading or presentation (1-2 minutes) that you’d like to do on the subject of bi/pan/fluid sexuality (such as personal stories, coming out, community, activism, health issues, etc), please email us at [email protected] Remember that there will be children there, and please keep your presentation PG.

Canada joins in!

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Canada flagThe Pride Collective at Camosun College in Victoria, BC is hosting their second annual Bi Visibility Day tabling event this Monday, September the 23rd, 2013.

The organisers tell us:

“Last year we worked with the Pride Director to set up a table near the campus cafeteria to could offer pamphlets about bisexuality and discuss bisexuality with students and faculty.

“We also handed out bi pride flag cookies to people who took time to listen. This year we have had more interest from the Collective and have gone from 1 hour of tabling to 6 (9am – 3pm) with additional volunteers too. We will also be handing out free coffee and making buttons!”