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Brussels bi film and talk

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
Belgian flag[Belgium] Brussels – Wednesday September 23,19.30
Rainbowhouse, Lollepotzaal, Rue de la Chaufferette 3, Brussels
The Brussels based bisexual group AmBIgu shows the film ‘Bisexual Revolution’. With a discussion afterwards. The Rainbowhouse Brussels has the Bisexual Pride flag above the front door since Monday 21st Sept!
Bi Pride Flag at the Rainbowhouse (Maison Arc en Ciel) in the city center of Brussels:

Bi documentary in Belgium

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Belgian flag[Belgium] September 23rd – Local bi group Ertussenin in Hasselt Belgium, together with the working group on bisexuality from the nationwide federation çavaria, plan to show a documentary about bisexuality.

The screening will be on Wednesday evening September 23rd – see Facebook here.

Belgian bis brainstorm

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Belgian flag[Belgium] News of a Bi Visibility Day event in from Brussels:
“BI yourself” will be a day of brainstorming about the wellbeing of bisexuals. The Flamish umbrella organisation, Cavaria, hosts this day, in cooperation with “Dubbelzinnig” (Antwerp) and “Ertussenin” (Hasselt), on September 20th, in Brussels, capital of Belgium.

In the morning Alexis Dewaele (University Gent) will present research-results concerning bisexuals in the Flamish community. There also will be some testimonies about their experiences by bisexuals. Followed by a paneldiscussion. After the lunch the participants are going to deepen themselves in the bi identity and will go find a way to let all the Cavaria-organisations work bi-inclusive. There also will be made an effort to phrase some proposals for the Cavaria strategy 2016-2020.

All active members of the organisations of Cavaria will be invited to join this event that will take place in the “Huis van het Nederlands” in Brussels.