Sydney’s got bi femmes with plans

flag-australia[Australia] Sydney, September 23rd.  Bi women social mixer.

They say:

To celebrate bisexuality and encourage Bi Visibility, as the largest social group for Bisexual Women in Sydney we are celebrating with a free social mixer. There is no fee to attend this meetup, we hope you will join us to celebrate YOU!

We also encourage our femmes to invite along any people in your life that are particularly supportive of your bisexuality as the day also includes those who support bisexuality and bisexual people.

As it just so happens, OUR DAY also happens to be on a Wednesday which coincides with Newtown’s ‘ladies night’ 😛 so we will be kicking on to newtown afterwards for a cheeky dance at the Sly Fox’s Birdcage for those that are up for it!

We know it’s a Wednesday so mid-week but this day only comes around once a year so if you’ve ever been keen to get out there and meet other bi women then there is no better day to do it! So we encourage you to come along 🙂 We have some fun things planned for the night 🙂

Find out more and sign up here.