[Media Release] Bisexuals Get Visible on September 23

It’s the 21st annual Bi Visibility Day this September 23rd.

The date highlights bisexuality and the challenges posed by biphobia and bisexual erasure, as well as celebrating the work of a growing number of local, national and international organisations around the world which champion bisexual visibility and equality. It was first marked in 1999 and recognition has grown greatly in recent years.

Last year there were more than 175 events marking the date, up from 130 the year before. These ranged from exhibitions, talks and film screenings to picnics and socials in bi-friendly bars. A host of public buildings around the world flew the pink, purple and blue bisexual flag.

Jen Yockney MBE, who has run the international listings site BiVisibilityDay.com since 2001, commented, “We saw events in more than 30 countries around the world in 2018 – Bi Visibility Day, like bisexual visibility in wider culture, keeps growing and growing.

“I’ve been organising events marking Bi Visibility Day since 1999 and the transformation in that time is huge. We are more talked about and more heard as bi people than ever before; yet also the challenges and particular needs of bisexuals have been thrown into sharper relief over that time.

“Back then, bi was often seen as a kind of ‘gay lite’ with bis experiencing less impact from social homophobia, but research increasingly shows bi people have greater mental and physical health challenges than gay or straight people. We’re more likely to experience domestic violence from our partners, too.

“Far from the ‘best of both worlds’ cliche, the challenge of either persistently reasserting your bisexuality or having part of your life erased proves wearing for many bi people. Where lesbians and gay men have one closet to escape, many bi people find that leaving the one closet leads to being put in another.

“Greater bisexual visibility is the best solution to that problem, helping more bis find a space where they are neither in the ‘straight closet’ nor the gay one.”

More information about Bi Visibility Day including events listings can be found here: www.bivisibilityday.com

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