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Madrid: Spanish Bis Celebrate

Spain flag[Spain] Bisexuals in Madrid have big plans this year for dancing, street surveying and more. They say (with apologies for translation)

On the 23rd of September make a date with us: to celebrate the day of Bisexuality Visibility and proud Batukada dance, surveying-in-the-street and manifesto!

Bisexuality is one of the sexual identities most unknown and unwelcome in society due to many negative notions, all of them included in which we call Biphobia. Biphobia is shown as discriminative attitudes, insults, attacks etc to Bisexual people just for the reason of being bisexuals.

The 23rd of September we celebrate that we Bisexuals we are here and we are proud of being bisexual. LGBT diversity is something as natural as ethnicity, diversity in talents or abilities, all of them very well assumed and understood by society. At the end, all people fall in love, feel attraction, laugh and cry: we are all similar in our fundamental nature as human beings and yet diverse in our natural expression.

Bisexuals represent a type of sexual orientation with a unique identity, and associated challenges, which is beautiful itself with no need to be changed. Come to celebrate with us!

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