Is it Bi Invisibility Day?

If September 23rd is Bi Visibility Day, does that make March 23rd Bi Invisibility Day?

Invisibility is a key challenge for us as bisexuals, after all. It is one of the reasons for bi people often finding they feel isolated or that “it’s just me” – because we are so often misread as straight or gay.

And as a notion, it creates a splendid image of us fading between visibility and invisibility through the year, rather than just appearing suddenly with a poink! noise late each September for a day and then being entirely gone.

Six months out, at the opposite end of the year, March is a great time to start making plans for September. Why not use today as a prompt to get thinking about how you, or your workplace or community project will mark Bi Visibility Day this September.

One thought on “Is it Bi Invisibility Day?”

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I think this is my year to live and love as a self acclaimed bisexual man. I want to meet and join with other bisexuals in my community and see what they think as well.

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