Bi+ Visibility Day Picnic in Perth

Event title Bi+ Visibility Day Picnic

Country Australia

Date / Time 2017-09-23 12pm WST

Venue info
Hyde Park
Vincent Street & William  Street, Perth


First observed in 1999, Bi Visbility Day is an international call for the bisexual+ community, their friends, and supporters to recognise and celebrate our history, community, and culture. See for more information.

Here in Perth, we’re having a Spring picnic to celebrate! We’ll have some nibbles available, but please BYO substantial eats and drinks (and anything you’d like to share). As always, there will be some silly games / activities available in case of emergency. 😉

Supportive friends and family (they don’t necessarily need to be bi+) are encouraged to join us – the more the merrier. And it would be awesome if you could come dressed in purple / pink / blue (can you imagine the wonderful photos?), but there’s no pressure.

We’re looking forward to meeting you / seeing you again! 😀

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