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Bi Talk in Brazil

Brazil flag[Brazil] São Paulo – Brazil , September 28: Bi talk 2pm-6pm at the Centro Cultural da Juventude

The organisers say (apologies for translation to English):

The bisexual population is one of the most invisible minorities among the oppressed groups in our society. Suffering prejudice as much as straight people and gay people, although there is a B in the acronym LGBT, it is very rare that the discussion about the biphobia (against bisexual prejudice and discrimination) or on the specific needs of our population. Rather, it is common to suffer silencing and delegitimizing, whether in the form of “jokes”, either through more direct verbal and psychological abuse, or that comes disguised as “humor.”

Female bisexuality is seen as a fetish for straight men, which puts bisexual women at greater risk of sexual violence. Male bisexuality is invisibly; bisexual men need to form and maintain their identity in a world that tells them the whole time they do not exist.

Because of all these things, the September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day, also known as Bisexual Visibility Day.

To celebrate this day, the Bi-Sides collective of people who are bi / pansexual, is organising a meeting & speakers to answer some questions, such as:
– What is biphobia? How is it different from homophobia and lesbophobia? How it manifests on TV, in the news, the gay and lesbian scene, dating, school, work, etc? How it hits different people in different ways?

– What is bisexual erasure? Cause it exists? Who cares? How affect our lives? What the hell is the “contract epistemiológico erasure of bisexuality”? Does it harm? Are its effects are as ugly as the name?

– What are some specific needs that we have bisexual? How they are made ​​invisible in society in general and in gay and lesbian activism?

– How bisexual people can come together to support each other and to fight for visibility and recognition of rights? There bisseuxal movement in Brazil? What we have already achieved and what remains to conquer? As gay people, lesbians and heterosexuals can help in this fight?

We will do a short presentation on these topics, using excerpts from films and TV shows, magazine covers and prints taken from the internet to illustrate how biphobia and bisexual erasure are everywhere, and then we’ll open for questions and comments – IT’S YOUR experiences after all they are the most important in this conversation.

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