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Bi Pride March in Padua / Padova

Bi Visibilty Day Padova 2017

Country: Italy

Date / Time: 2017-09-23  15.00- 19.00

Venue info
Padova, Veneto Region, Italy

Italy’s very first march for September 23rd!

In a country where all LGBTQ+ people are still fighting for equality and basic recognition, a resilient group of Bisexuals and Allies is fighting to delete Bisexual Erasure and Biphobia both in our communities and within heterosexual communities.

This year we march, to show that Bisexuals do exist, and not just as an immature or perverted version of another orientation or identity.

We want to make Bisexuals visible and proud: “I exist, I am free, I deserve no less and no more than everyone else”.

Will you join us?