Bi Invisibility Day?

If September 23rd is Bi Visibility Day, does that make March 23rd Bi Invisibility Day?

Invisibility is a key challenge for us as bisexuals, after all.

Six months out, at the opposite end of the year, March is a great time to start making plans for September. Get thinking how you will mark Bi Visibility Day this September.

But let’s not leave it all for September. One of the ways bis are being kept hidden and ‘invisible’ is through Google’s block on the word “bisexual” from its search engine autocomplete function.

When you type a word into Google it starts suggesting what you might be looking for. Type “Queer” and it will suggest “Queer As Folk”.  Type “Manchester” and it will offer “Manchester United” and “Manchester Airport”. Type gay, lesbian, pansexual, it will make suggestions. Type bisexual and it offers nothing: no subtle clues that there is support out there for bis, community, social or support groups, magazines, festivals, web forums and so much more.

The #EndTheBiBan campaign is trying to change that. It’s not September, but you can quickly and easily help fight bisexual invisibility by signing the #EndTheBiBan petition, liking its facebook page, and tweeting the #EndTheBiBan tag.